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We love Trudy madly and are so fortunate to have Ben (Champ) who is Mommy/babysitter.  He's lovely with her and you were right, she loves being with the pack. Of course we love Ben madly as well. We took her for a walk thru the neighborhood yesterday with Ben and had lunch at a restaurant on the Mesa (Mesa Café) where we all sat outside. She was adorable and it was a good outing to get her socialized.   We told everyone both dogs came from your rescue. All three dogs laid in front of fire while we decorated our tree. They love sleeping in the bedroom with us and she huddles right up to Ben. It's great having a puppy after so many years. Thank you so much. Both are spoiled rotten! Diane

Who said German Shepherds and little gerbils can't live together in harmony?
We love to see JoJo in good company with a sense of humor!

is a gentle loving dog who adores her family. We love her very much. The pic is with my daughter Tallulah, and I thought I would send you a good morning pic of Maggie and me. She is about 43 lbs and very gorgeous. I am going to take some winter pics of Maggie and send them. There is a great big golf course near me that dog owners use in the winter for walking. Paradise!!!! We will be going there soon. jd

I attached a picture of Mia in our workshop. She's such a good girl. We love her very much!  Jimette

Just wanted to send you a little update on our newest addition Anya.  Well she is now Annie (it was close enough to Anya and she was orphaned twice...). And Topher is now Teddy Oso.  They are both the most amazing dogs EVER!!!!  They have the most loving personalities and wonderful dispositions.  We are the family who has the Dachshund too and everyone gets along great.  I don't know how others feel about their adoptions from your group but we feel we won the lottery!  Our whole experience with you both times has been wonderful and without what you do, we wouldn't have these beautiful and amazing dogs and they wouldn't have the terrific life they have either!  Thank you again for all that you do for each and every one of these animals.  You change everyones life forever! Sincerely, Amber & Jeff Leib

Our beautiful little puppy Dyson turned
into an even more beautiful young
dog! WOW!

Hello Robin and Westside Folks: 
Ava (aka Daisy) is a model of German Shepherd versatility.  She made her television debut on KOFY TV20 in 2008.  As luck would have it, her debut was during a commercial break in the Perry Mason show.  Can’t ask for more than that since she is an attorney’s dog!  True to her roots, Ava is a herder.  I take Ava to Cutters Quarter’s ranch in Galt for two days of sheep herding every month.  Ava also enjoys fetching her ball after it has been thrown into San Francisco Bay.  This picture was taken at Crissy Field in November 2010.  Ava was not the dog I expected to take home when I drove from SF to LA in February 2007, but she certainly is the dog for me. 
Regards, Joan R

Hope you are both doing well and having success caring for and placing your dogs.  Bacchus and Simone are doing great, thick as thieves and loving each other to bits.  They provide us hours of entertainment and joy!  I’ve attached a couple of photos of them with my son. 

Leo is, in a nutshell, an amazing, wonderful dog.  My husband and I feel so lucky to have found such a beautiful companion in Leo!  From the very first day we brought him home, he's been unbelievably loving and well-behaved.  He's a joy to walk, and he quickly gained a reputation with the neighborhood pooches as the "big dog who's nice."  All of the little dogs in our neighborhood love to walk up to him and sniff -- he's even gracious and patient when the puppies jump on him! When we first adopted Leo, he was about ten pounds underweight, so I'm very happy to report that he's a solid 89 pounds today and has filled out very nicely!  At first, he was a little bit shy as he got to know us, but after about a month, Leo's hilarious personality came out. He likes to jog (especially after he poops - ha!) and comes along with us on easy hikes, which is really nice. He's crazy about hedges -- he cannot walk by a hedge without rubbing up against it as he passes by. We also learned that he's a man of few words - he hardly barks - but will howl his heart out whenever he hears a siren.  (He's famous at our local Starbucks for his morning howls). We absolutely adore Leo and can't imagine life without him.  It's hard to believe that he was out all by himself on the street earlier this year, and we can't thank you enough for rescuing him from the city shelter. THANK YOU! Gaude

Here are several photos of Fletch (Chevy), I hope they all go through. He is as goofy as he looks & yes he does believe in his heart that he is a small lap dog.When we brought him to the vet two weeks after we got him, he weighed 74lbs. Today he weighs close to 90lbs! His favorite thing would be the Frisbee; I would walk him twice a day, play fetch in the back yard at least once a day but I could see it wasn't enough. We finally started the dog park after having dog sat a few dogs and really saw Fletch's' tolerance level...amazing. He really is a submissive guy but does try on the tough guy approach when on leash passing other dogs. We have curbed this issue considerably, he is a breeze to train, like most sheps. Anyway, thank you again for doing all the work you guys do to save these amazing dogs. I have always had shepherds and it's hard to think of having anything else. We are looking for another Shepherd for our family and it's our hope we find one at your rescue. Best, Karen

We adopted one of two blind siblings posted on this web site, specifically the female of the “von Kern” dogs. We picked her because we already had a male German Shepherd dog rescue and Ilsa, formerly known as Sugar, tugged at my heartstrings the moment I saw her. Reading about Ray von Kern having a female friend and companion inspired us to finally write a little “tails” story. We believe Ilsa has the same relationship with Axel, partly because she misses her brother. Ilsa and Ray were fostered together and played a lot of games (their bond was growing, probably a good time to have split them for their own independence). The following are some pictures of Ilsa as she grew, highlighting her first winter and her wonderful personality. Ilsa has grown into a wonderfully sweet dog. She is now a healthy weight and a beauty! She loves all people and animals. Thank you for saving this amazing, blind puppy! Linda and Joe

Just thought I would send a few pics of Finn (Finnigan McButterbean) He's getting soooo big, very tall, long, and lean.  He's a very good boy in every way.  We love him so much.  He fits right in as you can see by the pics.  We would love to see pics of his siblings if they are available. Sincerely, Kelly

Little Lola (aka Ivey) is just a hoot.  When I got home last night, I found a small black velvet jewelry box in the yard.  It had been on a table near my bed.  I knew that it had contained a pair of diamond and topaz earrings.  I thought well, I'll be searching poop in the morning, which if you knew what kind of a day I had experienced, sort of just ended it appropriately - LOL.  Amazingly - both earrings were on the floor in the masterbathroom.  What a good girl - she might have wanted the box - but she left me my earrings.  What a relief! .. Oh, and you can't out-snuggle this girl!

With what Kelley aka Dilbert, now 9+, and Nicky, now 13+ bring to our lives, we feel lucky when we can help you to help other dogs and people realize the same joy.  Thanks for everything. Ken

(Ken is one of
our faithful and generous supporters - thank you Ken!)

These are the two surviving distemper puppies....Samson and Scoop...much beloved and very bonded. Lucky doggies!

Page 52
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