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Just wanted to share some fun pictures of Gunter (aka Hans) and Ewan (my current foster).  They sure have found a common language and are enjoying themselves.


One weekend a year, before they shut the operation down for the season, Quiet Waters Park (a county park) opens up their water-park area for dog-play during the final weekend. They do it in conjunction with a local rescue society, raising money for the group.  Man, what a friggin' BLAST Coffee had! I mean, FREE REIGN at a friggin' water park!  What could be better for dogs who love the water?!  The park was in full swing with the fountains spurting, waterfalls, the whole nine yards. The society even provided scads of toys (balls, frisbees and the like). All the dogs were well behaved (I've noticed that events like this are attended only by well behaved/socialized dogs).  I've attached some pics from the day so I hope you're all able to enjoy them (but do tell if you can't and I'll figure another way to send them).

Tobi aka Tobin




Atticus is loved by all who meet him, he is a real people dog, loves attention treats, walks, being brushed and gives lots of love and kisses.  Here he is with his two brothers Bear the Golden Retriever and Tiger, alias {Chicken Pot},  probably the only Chihuahua in the world called by that name.  We will send more pictures as we take them.  Once again thank you and your Shepard Rescue Group for giving us this sweet addition to our family.


I thought you might enjoy this first photo of Wulfy and his new little sister (above) and these photos of Wulfy taking one of his dips in our fountain.  This is one of his favorite things to do.  He goes in there MANY times a day!  By the time he is finished splashing around we have to refill it.  (I wonder how much our water bill is going to increase!)

Wulfy Fountain Boy 2 Wulfy Fountain Boy1
Wulfy Fountain Boy1 Wulfy Fountain Boy3


(formerly Kilo)
He weighs about 40 pounds now, gets along great with the other dogs and
the horses and is getting ready for his puppy training.

Thanks again for hooking us up with the little  terror!

(formerly Bambi)


Sheila is relentlessly loving. She is gifted with great presence and allows everyone the pleasure of her company.

Molly and Buddy

Here is the latest picture of Molly (formerly known as Annikka) and Buddy (formerly known as Buddy)


it's been a great first week. sarah lee (aka, bella) is so well behaved -
i can't believe she wasn't adopted sooner. here are a couple of pictures of her in her new yard.





He is 3 years now and sports about 103 pounds of muscle - he is such a handsome fellow.
Roaming the Sierras is still one of his favorite things to do.



Franz loves to roll his kong into the bath tub.


Window seat Potato

aka Rocky von Brentwood

"Told ya I was a lap dog!"


Rudy von Salvisberg

The dawning of a beautiful new life!



Strike a Pose!



Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!



Tahoe Trekkin'


Zeth von Zermatt

Catchin' a few Z's!

aka Kiki

Beach Bunny!


aka Cali

Jumping for Joy!!!

Page 37
Tails of Joy Page
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