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As you can see below, Padre loves catching balls, being groomed, having his portrait taken, and specially taking a Sunday afternoon nap with his pack. He is doing much better on a leash, and actually "corrected" me when I let him out on our gated street at night without a leash. He poked at the leash, and wouldn't walk until I put it on him. He has met many different hikers,dogs, and bikers and is cordial and relaxed. He is  a very very affectionate dog, and will lean against us and bend his head into our laps.

All in all, we are blessed to have Padre, and we would like to thank-you for introducing him to us, and for all your help.

-Suzanne and Carlos Uribe
(and Nico, and Padre)

Wolfgang aka Max

 Just wanted to send you a few pictures of  our boy..he is doing GREAT! He loves it here! Sweetest lovable and smart...he can fetch a ball, goes to the door if he needs to go out(including wake you up LOL) He  loves his toys! especially the squeaky ones. Learns very quickly and is such a big baby! We gave him a bath today and he was really good, he seems so apprecative to be with us. He is the king in his castle. He is getting heavier and his body fits his head really well now ...eats like a horse hahhaha (only two meals a day with snacks).

Thank you again for helping us to choose the right boy..we love him. Take care and good luck with continued efferts to save these little fellows.



Staying pretty steady at 100 pounds now.  She is my velcro dog, my heart & soul!  I could take two steps forward, Lacy will take two steps forward.  I will take two steps backward, and so will Lacy.  This photo was taken at 10:30 tonight, with her sitting here watching me on the computer!  Can't believe we will have had her for 3 years this coming February.  I am still amazed at our good fortune!


Just wanted to update my new e mail as I'm in Boston now. Found a beautiful two acre spread for the pack. Can't wait to get them up here. They're home packing in KY for an end of month move.

Oso sends his love. As you can see in the pic I think he has visions of Sugerplums dancing through his head! (LOL)




Gus and Marcanthony

Lady von Obispo

Ladys new dad and play buddy

Ladys new mom and buds

lady and friend

(Formerly Duke von Saba)
with girlfriends Maxie and Libby



Makena (formerly Jenka) and her brother Sherman enjoy a fun filled life in
Arroyo Grande. Makena has a job as a greeter in her mom's gift shop and
then lounges on the beach on her days off. Life is good.


and their first Christmas together...

Jenka XMas1

Jenka XMas2Jenka XMas3

Maggie von Munster


Cody von Callaway

Cody older3

Lily and Jasmine von Liebenhund

The girls are getting along real well and are adapting well to their new home.  The photos are as follows; napping on the futon, looking out the window,& playing in the first snow of the winter.



(formerly Samwise)

Rein is doing very, very well and is enjoying his new "siblings", they play, play, play.  He is full of personality, prances and hops around like a baby deer, his current likes are playing fetch, tug-o-war, and really enjoys the toys especially the stuffed animals.  As you can see in one of the pics, the neighbor kids come over to meet him, he was introduced to many new faces in a very short period of time, he really enjoys being the center of attention  :)




Gipper (formerly Mikey) and Fallon

Fallon  Gipper Christmas 2006

Mr. Oso & Kate
Then and Now

Oso1206 Oso1206

Liebling Von B.

LeiblingVonB Kocina 12.17.06

Hannah von Lancaster

Merry Xmas to you and your families and a Happy New Year. Attached are photos of Hannah and her siblings.
Warm regards,

Hannah and Nuri 187 houses in Pueblo  Roberts 102
Hannah and Nuri 205 Hannah and Nuri 206
Hannah von Lancaster and her canine pack soak up the sun in the backyard of the family's acreage in the above photo. In the photo below, from left to right, are Annemarie with Nuri (3 months old), Hannah (1 1/2 years), Tobi (2 1/2 years), and mom Anne with ancient First (16 years).
NuriHannaTobi First-1


Rex 7-23

Rex von La Brea

The picture on the left was taken when 5 month old Rex was adopted by Toni and Roy. The pictures below show 10 month old Rex and his lucky owners picking up their prize basket. They were the winners in our Christmas Basket Raffle 2006.


Rex and family
Toni and Rex



(formerly Stanley)


Here is a picture of Stanley (now known as Sampson) who was adopted from you guys in June.  He is a great dog!!!  Look for a Christmas card photo of him arriving soon as well with more about his new life.

Robert and Suzanne McDaniel


(formerly Gunther)

Gunther 6-2006
Attached are some recent photos of Murphy (formerly Gunther). He is enjoying his
first Christmas with us in Colorado. Thank you for taking care of him. He is wonderful and loved his own stocking full of toys this Christmas!
Mary Flaherty and Family
gunther 12-26 2gunther snoozinggunther 12-26


Wishing you and all the puppies happy holidays. Hope all is well.
Isabella is still doing wonderfully out here in Phoenix. Erin and I can't
believe that it's been two years already. Thanks again for all the help in
getting her. I'm including a recent picture of her from when we went on
vacation. Have a happy new year,

Vincent and Erin



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