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We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our girl! Lucia (formerly Chippewa) has become quite the country girl. She is the most incredible dog. She loves to hunt and we think she must be part wolf. When we take her hiking, she loves to "coyote pounce" on the lizards and mice. She has even caught a few. She has the sweetest personality and loves people, yet when I take her on walks, she is very wary of strangers, and keeps her eyes on whoever looks questionable. She took a visit to my parents property in Northern California and got along swimmingly with her German Shepherd "cousins". She has even learned how to swim and it is one of her favorite activities. Thank you so much for rescuing our dog! Sincerely,
Molly and James

The dogs had an absolutely wonderful time camping. It seemed to have a positive effect on Spooki's (formerly Miranda) bonding with us, as she was unusually affectionate during the entire trip. She wanted to sit up front between us in the motorhome and kept giving Steve little licks and snoots while he was driving. She still has a long way to go to overcome her lack of human socialization and other behavioral issues, but her progress thus far has been nothing short of remarkable. I'm so glad we've been able to give her a home.


Rambo (one of Serena's puppies) came into our lives on June 12, 2009 and has filled it with more life and joy than we could ever imagine.  He is our first born and we love him beyond words!  Being our first born, we of course have saved everything and taking pictures of every "minor" thing he does that is just too cute.  We couldn't imagine our lives without him!

Thanks Westside German Shepherd Rescue!

Miguel and Bonnie Galindo

Jessie (formerly Purdy)

"We saw this photographer at the beach the other day. Thought you would enjoy these. There's one where the wind is so strong it's making her ears stand up. It's funny to see what she would like with tall ears!"
Noreen Goldner (Castellani)

Formerly named Fiona, Lakota (on the right) is just a wonderful dog. She and Samson love to play together. She has been going to the dog park on a regular basis and just loves it. I feel honored to be giving her a forever home. Thank you for such a great sweet loving dog.

Marlyn Haber

I just wanted to give you an update about Buddy's progress. He is doing GREAT! He is still showing signs of stress from his ordeal, but feeling safer and calmer every day. He still gets very excited at times, but we are doing lots of training. He is so eager to please that he often ignores the treats and prefers to work for our approval. Anyway, he loves to play in the backyard, and has devised a game that works for him and our other dog, who is nearly 11 and no longer wants to run around. He likes to be near the family at all times, snuggling on the couch and being as close as he can. He loves walks, and is doing really well on a leash. He is sitting, coming, and staying (some of the time) on command. He got a bath and his coat emerged so beautifully. He is going to our vet next week for a check up.

He is getting tons of love from our 4 and 8 year old sons. He even listens to them. He is soooooo cute, and we know he has been through so much, it is an absolute pleasure to spoil him in every way that we can.

Thank you for all that you do for the animals of our community.
Sahira Traband


You'd think it was Fall by looking at these pictures but, in fact, this is from today! The Red Maple shed most of it's leaves last night and even more this afternoon.....but as of only a few days ago, the leaves were perfectly green!  


The Tale of the Broccoli Boys

I will attempt to tell this tale without being wordy, but it is a classic reunion tale with several twists.  It all began in October 2008 when two young male long haired German Shepherds were found abandoned in a broccoli field and were picked up by Animal Services in Northern Santa Barbara County.  The older of the two was approximately eighteen months old and the younger dog was eleven months old.  It was thought at first that the two dogs were brothers, but was later believed that they were actually father and son.  Both dogs were picked up and transferred to the care of Westside German Shepherd rescue where they were adopted to their forever homes.  Zion, the younger of the two, was placed with a family in Utah and was renamed “Leo” (right) .  Hans, the older dog, was placed in West Hills California where he was renamed “Cody” (left) .   Both dogs found homes where there were female Shepherds adopted in 2007 from Westside German Shepherd Rescue: Klara who lives with Leo in Utah and Cody’s California housemate Maggie (formerly Zuky.)

In early August 2009, with Robin’s assistance an e-mail was passed along from California to Utah, expressing a desire to learn more about the similarities of the father and son.  Within fourteen minutes of the letter’s origin there was an answer sent back from Utah and a relationship was born.  Within several weeks a trip from Utah to Southern California was planned and executed.  Leo and Klara came to California to meet Cody and his housemate Maggie.  It had been eleven months since Cody and Leo had last been in each other’s company.  Their reunion was magical.  Both dogs remembered each other and soon were kissing and smiling broadly.  Hollywood could not have executed the scene any better.

Both dogs not only were re-united during the visit but served as a catalyst for a beautiful friendship that developed between two families living several states apart.  Not only that, it was discovered that the California family had considered adopting Klara when they were seeking a Westside Shepherd in February of 2007.  They subsequently chose Zuky now Maggie.  Ironic at how small the world will become if you allow it.    

David and Paulette Kaufman


In the last several weeks we have had to sadly say good-bye to a beautiful puppy, a handsome teenager and lovely classic mommy. The puppy Lady had a very aggressive cancer; there was nothing to do to extend her life. Another was Boomer, an energetic teenager looking for mischief with a terrible heart no surgery could fix; another was Blue, the mother of two young puppies who could no longer care for her babies; her kidneys were failing her. All three had something in common: instead of waiting to die in a hospital or being euthanized, they all got to enjoy the best and most loving homes any dogs could have for the time they had left. We want to thank Mary, Mitch, their handsome dog Jackson and their kitties for giving Lady some wonderful weeks. She loved her time snuggling and especially chasing the water hose! We want to thank Bob, for giving Boomer months and months of the happiest life a boy could dream of! Also thanks to Csilla for cooking chicken for Blue and hand feeding her. Thanks to her loving husband who is always the first to offer their home to the neediest, sickest of dogs. Also thanks to Ally and Mack, two big confident dogs who were also welcoming and realized Blue was no challenge and let her sleep on their favorite big bed! We always say in rescue we see the worst of people and the best! We realize for such animal lovers, doing this isn’t easy, but they put their own feelings aside and do the best for these dogs. We are all so grateful and have such admiration for you! Robin


Lady gave me a reason to love things the way that they are, Lady came in a season that buried and carried a scar, Lady made me remember to relish the warm sunshine, The dew on the grass was a pleasure, The birdsong a beautiful rhyme, The water to drink was a blessing,
Her dinner a wonderful feast, Her sweet puppy face a reminder to appreciate things in the least, Like a morning walk and crows cawing, Like a little boy on a bike, Like a gentle hand that comforts with love in the middle of the night, When the pain is so distracting but you try with all your might, To sleep quietly til morning for it promises such delight, So come and feel the sunshine and slumber in it's warmth, Come and let love bathe you for it will bring you forth, A new life is awaiting, I know it, it either way, For puppies go to heaven, It happens every day.
 Thank you Robin.


Just wanted to update you guys on Riley von Tanner.  The kitten's name is Tyler.  Riley actually found him when he was about 3 weeks old and guarded him until I got home.  We have  no idea how he ended up in our yard.  But Tyler is now 6 weeks old and doing great as you can see.  He isn't put off by Riley at all and Riley is generous with sharing his food dish.  Of course, Tyler can't eat very much of it...I can't tell you how glad we are that we adopted Riley...  He is such a lover and his prancing is a show stopper.  We have to get it on video one of these days.  He can be a little exhuberant at times, but that's probably becaue we've spoiled him (he takes up a lot of room in bed)!  We can't thank you enough for letting us adopt him.

Ruth Stern



So today is the one year anniversary of Eva's adoption & I wanted to send some photos!  The dogs make such an amazing pair - Niko is the sensible, great protector & Eva is the naughty toddler - always looking for & getting in trouble!  Although she drives us crazy (especially when it's chewing Lola's doll house furniture!) we love her & couldn't do without her!  When I have to take one of them to get shots, or to the vets, the other one paces waiting for their return.

I also wanted to thank you once again for the amazing work you all do.  Niko was with you guys for around 8 months - everybody else would have given up on him, but you guys took care of him that whole time & now he has a wonderful life - he is such a happy, contented dog, adores us all, especially the kids, & fiercly protects us (as the friend of Luke's found out when he rushed at him with a fly swatter!!).  He follows me around all day long & lies at my feet & I LOVE it, he truly was the perfect dog for our family & to fit in with Eva - you gave us awesome advice with him!

Much love

Clare, Ade, Luke, Lola, Niko & Eva
The Forbes-Blacks


From Rags to Riches... Lacy and Poppy are certainly enjoying the good life!


Hi Robin-

I know you are busy, but I wanted to personally Thank You for all you are doing! Finding Good Homes for the Great Dogs that I see on your Website is nothing short of AWESOME!

Last Dec. 29 (2009) I brought home Abby von Innsbruck (Now Elsa!) and can't tell you what a GREAT Shepherd she is! What a SWEETIE! She, from the start got along great with my 2 old dogs (Maggie, an English Setter, now 14 1/2 yrs., and Mack, a Lab Mix, now almost 13 yrs. old.). I have had both Mack and Maggie since 1998, and Elsa came and fit right in with NO problem! Quite a Statement!

When I got her she was VERY skinny and weighed about 50 pounds. She is now Sporting a Very Beautiful Coat and is weighing in at a Beautiful 75 pounds!

She loves just being next to all of us, and of course she loves her camping trips to the Mountains! I have enclosed a couple of Pic's of  a recent camping trip, I thought you might enjoy them!

                                        Thanks again!


Hey Robin & Diana,

I was looking at old emails and found the articles that were written about the rescued litter of puppies the Bakersfield newspaper (of which we adopted two).  I wrote one of the photographers from the newspaper to thank her for the photos that she took of the litter out in the field and after they were rescued.  I didn’t hear back from her, but thought I’d forward this along to you guys as well so you could get an update on our two dogs… and we wanted to give you guys a big thanks for all your work and for rescuing this litter of amazing puppies..now young adult dogs!  They are great!  Thanks again!



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