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We adopted Yukon and Abbie, (aka Timber) in October 2006 and they have been the center of attention ever since.  My wife and I don’t have children, so these two are spoiled beyond belief.  We enjoy walking with them every day, taking them to the Dog Park, and hanging out with them every chance we get. Thank you WSGSR for giving us the opportunity to adopt these two special dogs! Howard Pointer and Linda Pointer

Max AKA Lars hard at work.
Just wanted to say hi and let you know that Max is doing great. He goes almost everywhere with us and goes for 1 1/2 mile walks 5 days a week. He's not jumping the fence any more but we now know we don't dare leave him unattended in the yard. Gabby(aka Lady Von Plummer) is a little slower these days, on joint medication and still plays hard with our other 4yr old Shepherd. Couldn't resist to look at your website, there are some beautiful dogs. I wish I could adopt more.  God bless you and your cause. Fondly, Vivian DiSano

This is Roscoe (Cosmo van Lancaster) and he
is a doll. We have had him for almost 3 months and it's like he's always been here.
He just thinks he is a big baby and loves to cuddle up next to you. He and my other dog Hunter are now best friends and play all day. We are so happy to have him in our family! Thank you so much :) Jenny

Everything going very well.  Oreon and Greta are great and really love their walks.  Our granddaughter is visiting and both dogs are very gentle with her.  Thank you for our new friends.  At home in Crescent City;  Please share picture with the men at the dog training business. Battery Point Lighthouse, Thank you!! 
Paul and Catherine

Hi. I am Kashi. I was adopted by
Kevin & Karla O'Leary
3 years ago when I
was small and scared and skinny and abandoned
at 5 months.
Look at
me now.
Aren't I gorgeous?
(Thank you! She is a great dog)

Beau (aka Spartan) is doing very well - he had several weeks of training at Santa Monica Kennels and is a joy; so smart, sweet, and happy. People come up to me all the time asking if they can meet him, pet him, kiss him, etc.   He is beginning to feel comfortable enough to play with toys now, and has a great sense of humor. Still a little work to do on the separation anxiety issues, but he is improving by leaps and bounds. My plan is to look into enrolling him in a therapy dog program - I think he would enjoy the work very much.   He's very socially oriented and loves to be loved, and has a lot to give, too.
Thank you for the work you do --I'm so grateful to have Beau in my life. Tonya Hays

I took on a roommate with her little blue heeler, so now Tux (aka Kuro) has taught the heeler how to sit in, and dig in water buckets, and she taught him how to nip heels when play fighting. It's great stuff.  They're the same age so they play till they are tuckered out.  (like right now, which is why I'm getting the chance to write an email!)  Tux has also just got a new dog door. He's pretty brave so it didn't faze him much to go in and out, but today he did the ole dog with a bone in his mouth routine. The lil heeler waited patiently for him to figure out how to get a big bone through a dog door.  She is so dainty and sweet and he's such a clumbsy goof it reminds me a bit of "typical man and woman" roles.   Tux is sleeping through the night easily in my room, and even knows when I get nervous when I hear something and he does too and growls all protectively.  He's gonna be an outstanding dog one day, but for now he's just one heck of a pup.  He still wants to jump in the shower, and that can't be good to shower as much as a human, but oh well.  I'm sure I end up dirtier then I started when I cave and let him in, but the look on his face is worth it!   I jokingly call him the world's worst pup cause he's so high energy and in your face at times, but I'm crazy about him!  I love him so much now it's insane!   Don't have any clue how much he weighs, but I can't pick him up easy anymore, so I'm guessing about 60 ish pounds of wiggle.  He barks when people come to the door now!!   He also sounds terrific, and as long as the bad guys don't know there's a puppy waiting to kiss them to death on the other side we're all good.  Keep Tux's stellar personality secret for me! It's funny explaining he really is part german shepherd!!! (Tux's mom is Annie, a German Shepherd) Thanks all, Missy

Here's a pic we took of
Sherpa + Mojo (Serena's puppies) yesterday at one of the swimming holes near our house. They are good and happy Pups and we are so very happy
we adopted them!
:) :) Carol + Doc

It's been about 3 weeks since Kiera (Karmen) came into our house and my husband and I are head over heels for her! Thanks for all of your support. Training is going great and she is being exercised and socialized everyday. She LOVES the dog beach and runs into the water with us. I've attached a few pictures for you. I am so glad we found such a wonderful rescue dog!
Thanks again for all of your help and support. Ariel & Ben Kneeland

Happy Dogs, Devil Dogs! Hans and Greta ...
I've attached some pictures for you. Don't let those sweet looking pictures fool you. They chew and get
into everything. They got into the clothes basket and chewed a bunch of my dirty clothes. They chewed on the couch. And tore up a couple of pillows. Imagine coming home to pillow stuffing all over the house.
Take a look at the left arm rest. Bad Hans! LOL
Check out the before/after pictures of the couch arm.
 They still can be very sweet when they want to be.

I love them to death, Kirk.

Molly (aka Annika) and Buddy (ears up) with their family were both adopted from Westside about 2.5 yrs ago. Sadly Buddy passed on suddenly, leaving the family broken hearted. He was the mom's shadow and loyal protector, and the beloved dog of the entire family. He was Molly's buddy and companion and 'partner in crime'. In Buddy's memory,
these wonderful people recently adopted Timber (now Ranger) to give another rescue dog a loving new home and
to help Molly with her grief.

RIP Buddy, we will miss seeing your sweet face!

It's worth reading!!
One year ago today I left work, picked up my female GSD and drove to Malibu.  I had been contacted by WSGSR and advised of that "Rico" (now "Frankie") had been picked up at a shelter a few days earlier and he was probably the dog I was looking for. As the beautiful dog without most of his coat missing and the ears that touch in the middle of his head walked out of the back room, he passed a cat on the bench and walked right up to me and kissed me.  It was all over.  Half an hour later, I had Frankie in the front seat and Rio in the back and hoped they would not decide to argue while in Malibu Canyon. I am a dog lover who has never lived without one.  Frankie is by far the best dog I have ever had.  He is intelligent, calm, playful and well-behaved.  He has been bossed around by his sister from the minute he arrived, and they spend hours with her growling at him over the "toy of the day."  He is so smart, that after minutes of her hogging the toy, he will come up to me or my daughter and to get petted.  When she sees this, she gets jealous so she leaves the toy to go get her petting.  As soon as she does, he sneaks over to the toy, grabs it, and prances off with his tail curled up over his back. Frankie is such an angel on the leash that whoever has the other end often comments they have to look and make sure he is still there.  He gets along with everyone, but most of all loves his family.  He has a protective nature that is demonstrated when he stays by my side as I check all the doors and turn out the lights at night.  He is right there until we get to his crate where he sleeps quietly next to his sister.  He has given Rio courage that she did not have before and they are so close, we often refer to them collectively as "Frio." When I brought Frankie aka Frankie Doddle Dandy aka Franklin Doodle Roosevelt home one year ago, he was 68 pounds.  Although it took a bit longer than I expected because he is a pooch that would rather smell flowers than eat, he is now filling out and 85 pounds.  He had very little coat, but now has a full, thick beautiful coat and a mane like a lion.  He especially loves to share an egg with me in the morning - I get the white, he gets the yolk. I made a donation today to tell you thank you for the wonderful work that you do and to say thank you for being this very special dog with the funny "eardo" into our lives.  He really is the best Valentine ever!  Please enjoy the photos of our ear-resistable pooches. Kasey, Molly, Rio and Frankie Sirody

Since everyone has been asking how Sully (aka King) is settling in and how he is handling the kids, I thought I would share some pics we took tonight. Mind you there was NO posing for these pics, totally candid of Leah and Sully. Sully is doing great. He is the worlds worst guard dog as he gets scared when the doorbell rings and London starts barking (Sully will come stand behind me when this happens LOL) but he is 100% pure loveable mush! He is doing well with training and I would say is 98% housebroken and has learned "come" "sit" and "down" and even takes commands from our girls. He also has come to love his crate, and as you can see he loves his toys. He tends to steal them from the doggie toy box and "hide" them in the crate from his brother! Enjoy the photos!

Drago (aka Frock) is mentally and emotionally doing much better.  Physically much stronger and athletic.  Still  having digestive issues but he has a good vet and we will figure it out. Enjoy the pictures!

Gertie sure is growing like a weed! She loves her bones and her shepherd companion!

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