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I thought I would give you a quick update on Smokey.  He is such a very good boy.  Within the last couple of days, he has grown so attached to me.  He doesn't want me to leave his sight.  He loves Bryan, but, I really think he's going to be another Sam (a mommy's boy).  Bryan is a little jealous, but he'll get over it! Both Bryan & I are getting soooo attached to him.  It's only been a couple of days and it's amazing how close we feel to him.  We're really starting to get to know his little personality.  The girls at the vet said that he is soooo sweet.  He is such a smart & sweet boy!  He's also very photogenic. Thanks for everything, Cynthia
Rescue note: This wonderful family also adopted Sam, pictured with Smokey on the first picture (left). Check out
his page and see what he looked like at the time he was adopted by his family!
What a gorgeous clan of dogs!

Toby is 7 months old and 58lbs and still growing!  He is doing well and we love him.  Our holiday picture is attached; you can see how much he has grown. Thank you all, Diana Anthony and family .

Zion is in the WHITE DOGGIE PARADISE with his friend Klara! How beautiful - the dogs AND the scenery!

Scout has transformed into the most loveable mutt.  He no longer entertains any thoughts of fleeing like he did when I first brought him home.....plus, we have not had any episodes of his clearing the 6 ft. high chainlink other than one time when he and his sidekick, Nike, were in hot pursuit of a coyote. He has been very good to old Beethoven (the old Jack Russell male who rules).  He loves playing with the younger Jacks.  He has learned not to mess with the horses and steers clear, although if I ask him to, he will help me herd one into an enclosure.  He's such a smart boy. I had to laugh last week when I told him to "go to bed" meaning his big fluffy round bed in the family room.  I looked up and he was trying to figure out how to "go to bed" into a little crate meant for a Jack Russell.  He's just SOOO obedient--LOL! I need to update my photos, but I think I may have one I can attach of the boy reclining on "dog couch" on the front porch plus one of Scout and Nike being taught how to dig MASSIVE holes in pursuit of gophers by Beethoven, the Jack Russell. Take care, Cheryl & Scout

We love Ryder and so does our Goldie. We finally balanced out the hormones in the house now. Our most sincere gratitude again to your association.  You do such wonderful work!!! Cay

As you know we took Enzo instead of Lars, but since we liked the name Lars so much we call Enzo, Lars now and he loves the name. I thought I would share a bunch of pictures of Lars and show you how happy he is at his new home! Loryn

Duke (renamed Cedrick) is doing very well and is very happy. He appears to be younger than 4 years old. As soon as he was in my backyard he ran around, chased the ball and had a great time. He loves to chew. He acts like a big adolescent. My vet thinks he's around 2.5. He's very loving and can get pushy for attention, so I'm working on that. When I take him anywhere, he's perfect. He's had to go to the vet's a few times because he has pretty severe skin allergies. They fell in love with him. He was very good and they know he came from a rescue. He was a bit stiff with my Shih Tzu (Cody) for a few weeks, I think it was because he was trying to establish himself as number 2 in the pack. Cody is used to that and has been very good and calm around him. Now Cedrick is fine with him. My old Shepherd, Vida, LOVES him. I know she's happy to have guard dog reinforcements. She takes her job very seriously and appreciates another Shepherd having her back. The first time she saw him she walked right up to him and licked his face.Thank you for all you do, Vicki

Our gorgeous Romy with her new dad and a fascinating
house mate !

Oslo is an awesome dog, thanks for everything, Ryan

Just wanted to let you know that my (2) kids Kody (aka Kobe) & Foska are doing great!!! They receive so many compliments and I get bombarded with questions wherever we go because they look so much alike and because they are excellent  ambassadors of the breed. Believe me when I say that they go everywhere!!! Wine tasting on the Central Coast, work BBQ's, to friends & family homes, you name it. They have become quite the local celebrities here in Lompoc, Ca. where I live especially at the local Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors. The gals that work there every Monday already have their scoops of vanilla ice cream waiting for them when they see me pull up in the truck with them. Foska and Kody along with my parents puppy, Chico, who has turned 1 this month and was adopted from Westside GSR. They are a great pack and Foska has become quite the maternal step-mother when Chico comes to visit. She loves to play with him as well as put him on time-out when he's being a little tornado. Kody loves to play as well and he's more the laid back type. He sits back and enjoys laughing at Foska & Chico wrestle and play as much as I do. I couldn't have asked for better dogs and between my parents and I (including the ones we have now) we've raised 7 German Shepherds. These continue to bring plenty of laughter and joy into our lives as well as those who know them. David

Liesel and Jackson (now Dufus or Doofie) had a ball at the dog park on a rainy day! Both were adopted by our volunteer Amy and joined her pack bringing the total to 6 happy dogs!

I'll try to get you an updated photo of Chaco
soon.  The only one I've taken recently was when I found where he goes for a quiet moment.

Out sweet Michelle is finally happy and content!

Good morning! Hope everyone is well and content!  Beowulf is continuing to be an amazing dog - I do not think he has ever met a person he does not like. The great people at TheraPaw made him a new custom boot so he is getting even better walks and runs.  He's my precious boy and I thank you every day for him.  Warmest regards, Kathleen

Hey guys, Midnight and I just wanted to email you and let you know how very wonderful he is doing in his new home.  He's just such a happy boy.  We run or power walk three miles daily and Midnight spent his first day at doggie day camp and made many new friends.  He's a hard working therapy dog but we have lots of fun play especially fetch. Everybody that comes in contact with Midnight just falls in love with him.  He's gonna be getting certified so he can go into hospitals and visit sick people.  Midnight and I spend almost every waking hour together and he's just such a joy.  I'm sending some pictures of Midnight's first Halloween. Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooo much of the gift of this amazing dog!!!!!!! Nancy Stoops and Midnight

Look at how big Tre (Drake) got - he is just about as big as Saxon now and is still growing! As you can see we also got another new pup. I still think about Rocky and hope he got a good home. I think we are 
about at our maximum for dogs, though. Anytime you have a chance and  want to get away feel free to come up for a visit - these dogs have it made and they are the best! Hope all is well, Lorin (and Matthew)

Hunter has gotten so big!  He's almost 80 lbs and Shane has put on a good 15 lbs since you've last seen him.  We would love to see them on happy tails!   They are amazing dogs, we are so lucky to have them!  They
truly make our lives complete.

Thank you, Dylan and Heather

Robin, thought you'd get a kick out of this picture. Besides working on her PhD, Niki has worked in the Fleet Feet Running store for a few years, part of her job is to create the ads for the Davis Enterprise Newspaper.
The store sells reflective vests for runners and their dogs. Moose and Clay are the models for the latest reflective running vest. See the attached. hope all is well. bonnie


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