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I just felt the need to write to you to thank you for all that you do at the rescue, and for making it possible for me to have the wonderful gift that Aztec was.  When I first submitted an application four years ago, Baxter was the first dog you recommended.  I just can’t express enough what a wonderful dog he was.  He was so sweet and mellow, and always seemed so shy.  Yet, he was so smart and protective.  I knew he was an older dog when we got him, but the few years we had were so special.  He was the first dog I’ve had as an adult, and he was the perfect example of the great benefits of adopting an older dog.  He was my constant companion, waiting for me at the door every evening his big loving eyes, and sleeping with me every night by my nightstand…I miss him terribly.
Sincerely, Eva Contreras & Family

Here are some photographs of Sheba (Tanya) and Harley (Shawn) at their Dog Training Graduation Ceremony. They are doing incredibly well and are sooooo happy and inseperable. They bring so much joy and happiness to me and everyone they come into contact with 

Puppy Pluto was 4 days old when he arrived at his foster mom's house with his sisters Athena and Venus. Foster mom Ava couldn't part with little guy Pluto and she adopted him herself. Here he is below, 10 months later, a huge, loving goofball who loves to playfully terrorize his canine housemates. He knows better to leave the 'biggest doggie' alone, otherwise known as Pikos, Ava's gorgeous horse. We're so proud of our beautiful boy!

Ally (aka Lyla) is the spoiled baby of one of our volunteers. Her mom tells us she is the smartest and most amazing dog she's ever met, and couldn't imagine life without her. She might not have perfect hips, but she's one in a billion. Ally's black sable boyfriend Mack is a looker himself and is his momma's boy.
Judging from the second picture, they seem to have it 'rough'. Poor babies... :-)
So whether the motorcycles need guarding or the pool waters need to be tested, Ally and
Mack are always up for the job.

We have renamed Sweet Pea. Her name is now "Coco".  She fit right in around here.  She slept in my daughter's bed last night and seems almost housebroken.  She has no interest in the cats and is already running around like a typical puppy.  Toffee and she are getting along very well except when she approaches his food, he growls a bit. Thanks again to you and Linda for putting this together so quickly. Regards, Gregg Rubin

WOW ... Gorgeous family, gorgeous view, gorgeous picture ... and oh yeah ... gorgeous shepherd.
And we think she's actually smiling. Yepp, that's our pretty girl Akasha with her wonderful family sight seeing.

Here is some pix of Kona (formerly Tyler). 
He is with our 14 year old Chow/Rott named Busi (booshie). They get along extremely well and we believe they help each other, one learning and the other maintaining a little youth.

Zabi (aka ED) from has been a wonderful addition to our household.  We are both retired, so he gets lots of attention, including at least a two-mile walk every day with Slim, and lots of playing fetch in our big backyard.  He knows the names of his toys and will bring his tennis ball, Kong, tire, or string toy when I ask him to. Zabi
 loves people and other dogs, and he especially loves our grandchildren, Destiny (3 yrs) and Isiah (9 yrs). He's still making us smile.Thank you for rescuing him,.Slim and Helen Siyam

Boomer has turned into a really handsome boy who tries to be really good, but has a lot of character and spirit.  He completed a series of six puppy training classes and also some for the next stage and he has learnt pretty well.  He is very social and has a wonderful time on his walks by the canal playing with other dogs, and is great buddies with a friend of mines lab who is a year older. He swims really well now and is very good at entertaining himself in the garden. Although he is going through a stage of being a little fearful of things and his one vice is he loves to chew things. We love him!
Greetings from Boomer, Bill and Jane

Just an update to say our Luther (aka Bullet) is doing fine since we got him in November.  He's gained 20 pounds, and as you will see, his summer coat is in full bloom and is a nice tan and brown.  He has bonded with Amber (our female), who has asserted pack leader rights. Since we got him, he's learned to play frisbee catch and return, and just loves the games each day.  Only "quirk" we've noticed is that he is afraid of the digital camera.  If we pull one out, he most times heads for another part of the yard, or another room.  We have to sneak up on him to capture any good photos. Just wish we could adopt some more of your wonderful pets.
Best regards, David and Ellen Weimer

We just want to thank you so much for our beautiful Jonas (aka Jonsy). He is the most amazing dog. Actually, a perfect dog if you can believe it. He never gets into trouble, and is described by all of our friends and family as a perfect gentleman. He gets along great with our 2 mini schnauzers even though Zoe, our first born pretends to not be a fan of his, yet I catch her kissing him ALL the time. He absolutely loves our 6 year old son, Isaiah and we can already tell that he's going to be a great companion and brother to the new baby we're expecting. He loves laying on my stomach. Jonas has to be one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. He learned how to use the doggy door the first day here and has not had a problem since. High fives are our favorite of his tricks though. He knows exactly what "let's go" means. He runs to the door and hops in the back of the car. He goes everywhere with us. My husband, Paul and him are inseparable. Jonas is constantly at his side. Paul has been taking him on bike rides lately. He's a regular at the dog park as well. We've discovered that he's a BIG...HUGE water fan. We've been to the beach twice and he loves playing in the water. He's like a little kid jumping through the waves. He also loves the water hose and squirt gun. I think one of our favorite traits of Jonas' is how kind he is. Like I said before, he's huge. Right now he's about 90 lbs, but the vet thinks he'll be a good 120 lbs when he fills out. For such a large, strong animal he has the biggest heart. He has actually persuaded a friend who never really liked German Shepherds to consider adopting one. He loves everyone and is so respectful of people. He seriously has the kindest heart. We no longer consider him a dog, he's our child. We are told so often how lucky Jonas is to have us, but we actually think we're the lucky ones to have him. Thank you, thank you, thank you! He was definitely meant for us! Jonas also has a doggyspace.com account. http://www.doggyspace.com/profile/2475
Love always,Leah, Paul, Isaiah, and Jonas Baldwin


Dear Robin and all at WGSR,

Thank you so much for the joy of having Buddy (aka Blackie) in our  pack/family. Here are a few photos of Buddy, Honey, Lynn and Tom on our vacation at Lake Henshaw Resort in San Diego, CA.
You might want to pass this on to others as they allow pets!

Thank You So Much,
Tom and Lynn Shriver


When Sandy von Doy's pups were adopted, we knew they would be gorgeous and big; but no one imagined that "little" Patriot, at only 9 months of age, would weigh in at 107 pounds... and he's still growing!


One thing mother and daughter can agree upon, Jura (Greta) is sweet and loving! And we'd like to add gorgeous!


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