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Padre is very much at home here in Altadena. After having loved our other dog Nico for 15 years, we lost her, and Padre is helping to fill that void. They were good friends for a year. Now, Padre has taken her place in being "the sweetie". No one looking at that large rather intimidating dog could imagine what an oversized puppy he has become. He loves his daily hikes, neighbor dog-friend, and especially supervising all pedestrian, bike and equestrian traffic on our forest service access road. Here's a for you to share with everyone over there....highly tempted re: another shepherd, however we will probably wait awhile. Fondly, Suzanne and Carlos Uribe
PS: we will be donating to Westside this year for sure.


Happy New Year.  We hope and pray that 2008 is a landmark year for dogs finding forever homes full of the love they so much deserve.  We would like you to know that "Maggie Ann" formerly known as "Zuky" is doing so well.  She has brought so much love and warmth to our home and has helped to ease our pain over the loss of our beloved Carly last year.  We have included photos of "Maggie Ann" and our other "four legged Family"members including Carly.  Thank you, and GOD bless you and all of the volunteers who work so hard to assure so many dogs have "happy ever after" endings to sometimes very tragic prior lives. Regards, Paulette and David Kaufman


Thought you might like to see current pictures of Majai (formerly Tashi). She's doing great and she still only has eyes for my daughter who takes her everywhere she goes. We even bought a brand new truck so she and her crate can travel with us. We had to give away one of our cats to a good home in order to keep peace in the house, but we kept our 15 y.o. deaf cat who taught Majai who was boss the first day. They tolerate each other pretty well. Hope all is well with you and the rescue shelter. Best thing we ever did was find you guys on the internet. We tell everyone who asks about your shelter.

Trish & Sarah Phipps


On the photos you see Tobi (very dark, aka Sable), Hannah (the smaller light female), and Nuri (the big sister). They know well many commands including sit, down, and stay. Therefore, taking photos is a joy and very easy. They actually can stay for hours if we ask so. All photos are from our 2-week July vacation to Utah, a trip we do every year. Tobi (aka Sable) our beautiful long-coated dark male and Hannah, your very special girl, love to explore different places, though Hannah is a home body. Her favorite place is simply indoors at home in addition to playing with her big sister Nuri. The two look surprisingly alike. Hannah is very gentle and gives kisses all the time. Tobi loves hugs - the more the better. The two GSs you rescued are pure fun. Adding to that is 1 1/2 year old Nuri who still acts like a pup. These three wonderful dogs live in pure harmony. Hannah and Tobi lay really close during the day, and often, Tobi uses Hannah as a pillow. Outside, Tobi watches Hannah and Nuri play for hours until they are dirty and wet. By then, they emptied the little pool which we have to fill up twice a day when it's not frozen. Thank you for all you do, Uli and Annemarie from Colorado


As you can see there is nothing Rocky loves better then putting on his Dogels. It means he's going for a ride to the park .... don't worry, he's wearing a chest harness & the truck has a rubber non skid mat for him .... although you can't see it in the photo he's also got a ramp so he can walk in & out of the truck ....
P.S. the backpack is loaded with his water & treats .... so he likes it too !!!

Your friends ROCKY & the Hendersons


I just want to show you how my little Charlie ( 8 months now ... one of the Kern pups) is so beautiful, happy and very smart. I want to thank you again for bringing Charlie in my life, we are very happy together! Happy holidays!  Sincerely, Stephanie Houdin. Ps: I wonder how all his brothers and sisters look??


I hope you're finding success with getting the babies homes for the holidays!  Choto (Ludwig) is a VERY funny boy!  He passed his "beginner obedience" class at K9 Syrius school.  He was a bit nutty occasionally, but the teachers said that male GS pups are usually the biggest drama queens!! He's growing like a weed and is much better with the cat, although he still perks up (and usually gets up too!) when he sees her, but not as much as when they first met. He still thinks he's a lap dog. I changed our comforter and threw the "decorative pillow" on the floor at night, where Choto usually sleeps.  He felt compelled to make that his NEW bed!!  ("big boy bed")  Bless him! Take care and we are grateful for all your hard work.  I just told someone in the park today about Westside.  They're were looking for a GS!!  Amy, Faisal & Choto


On the picture to the right you see what our volunteer saw as she was walking the halls of a shelter. Bella's sweet face and sad but hopeful eyes made her stop to take this picture and we made sure she got on our list of dogs to rescue. That was 2 years ago. Bella has been a very spoiled and happy member of a family with other shepherds to play with, and her 15 year old favorite human and best friend Tyler.


Hi, just want to send you some pictures of Dime (was Riley). Dime is such a different dog from when we first got him. He was kind of shy, HATED the water (as you see now he LOVES IT) and not very snuggly. But now he thinks he's a lap dog ALWAYS wanting hugs and kisses. He is the perfect dog. We love him SO much. Thank you for our baby. Stefani, Anthony, Dime and Ducci


Sultan with his new sister Cotey! Thanks, Brent and Doreen Teasley


We adopted Lupo (formerly Diesel) August 06 and he has just been the best dog I’ve ever known. Everywhere we go and everyone that meets him remarks on his inner and outer beauty. He just turned 2 in May 07 and he’s now 115 lbs of loving doggy. At first he would not stop going after our two cats, but after a month and a lot of coaching, he soon learned they were his brothers and not to be herded!  I’m so glad that I knew from the first to walk him diligently every day. I really think that is why he adjusted so well and that is what keeps him the calm happy guy he is today. He has this cute prancing trot that reminds me of Scooby Doo. He loves to go to the dog park and gets along with all the dogs. He’s still learning to return the ball; most of the time he’d rather chew on it than chase it. Every day this wonderful dog amazes me with his sweetness. Thank you for all the rescue work you do for these great dogs. Marnie Volpe


Bonnie and the boys are very busy playing and having a ball at both the ranch and in Altadena. I'm taking Bonnie on a long rope when we go walking--we think she's just so totally at home that she doesn't have to be on her best Behavior anymore!! She's sleeping between us on the bed with her head on the pillow and Sparkles at her feet. PS- Bonnie now loves ice cubes and gets her teeth brushed everyday along with Nicky and Sparkles.

Thank you, Ann Kennedy


I promised to send you pics of our boy Charlie!! (One of Bridgette's puppies - see first picture) Here he is the great big boy - He still is an awesome dog. All the little problems have seemed to have resolved easily!! He's a fast learner. He had torn apart his doggie bed in the middle of the night - he looks like he's on a cloud! Enjoy,Carrie


Thought I would send a few new pics of Monty… he is getting bigger and we just adore him! Yours, Doris Schjelderup


Gorgeous and lucky Reinhart finally has the wonderful home he so deserves!


I had no idea Marcus and Pinot (Nelly's puppy) were hanging out on the bed until I walked in the room and saw the two of them together.  I laughed so hard!

Have a good weekend,

Laura Cohen


Dutch and Gypsy are quite the pair. We were at a dog park a couple of weeks ago and Gypsy was off playing chase with a couple of younger dogs and Dutch was staying close by me. A Bull Mastiff sauntered over to check out Dutch and they smelled each other in good doggy fashion when suddenly the Mastiff knocked Dutch to the ground and stood over him growling; leaning on Dutch with all his weight and would not let him up. I tried to grab the dog by his studded collar but he would not budge and growled at me...I kept pulling. The owner was nowhere in sight. The gentle Dutch let out a loud whimper when the big dog pawed at his face and sore leg and I could see this black blur out of my peripheral vision heading towards us. It was Gypsy, with her ears back and growling like I never heard her growl before. Gypsy ran, head down, straight into the Bull Mastiff's mid section and practically knocked him over. Gypsy was all over the big dog and the he took off with Gypsy in chase. Gypsy came back when I called her and she went over to Dutch to rub noses and then they rough-housed for a bit as we headed to the parking lot. They really have become the best of buds and I don't think that I would ever think of just having one dog. I still can't have a vegetable garden with Gypsy around. She loves the tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. She even squeezed between the fence posts and munched on the neighbor's strawberry's that were within her reach. Gypsy and Dutch like vegetables and I sometimes make a homemade dog food with fish, chicken and veggies and they eat it all.....Gypsy will eat my salad if I get up to go to the bathroom and when I come back, Gypsy still has her nose in my salad bowl.
With Love, Nick, Dutch and Gypsy


Paris looks like she is in Paradise with 2 adoring 'parents'.


I think it's fair to say that Cole is now fully coated and, as you can see, is now a member of good standing in the venerable Pressler pack.  Never mind the drop 'n drag daddy episode last night when a cat broke cover during our evening walk...   Good old Pavlov used to do the same thing so I'm an experienced dog surfer by now. Best regards, David Pressler


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