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Autumn(Pepper von Brink, left) is my little angel. She is always by my side or curled up with her brother, Morgan (Rico). Both dogs are very close and can't stand to be away from each other, not even for a short vet visit. Here they are horseplaying in my office (left) and after I brought them home from Doggie DayCare, they passed out on the couch (above). Auttie loves to swim, chase rabbits and play fetch. She is super smart and is doing very well in training. I love her very much and can't imagine my life without her in it. Thank you, Robin, for my fur angels. They have truly blessed my life.


I just wanted to let you know that Cookie is a wonderful dog and Matt and I are so happy to have her! We go to the beach at Chrissy Field (here in SF) twice a day to run and play, and Cookie has just started learning her off-leash manners.  Everyone always comments on what a beautiful, sweet dog we have. I've attached some pictures, so that you and your volunteers can see what the Cookie Monster has been up to! Many thanks again for your hard work on behalf of these amazing, loving dogs.

Best, Elizabeth and Matthew Helton


I adopted Rudy - 4yr old male - from you last July and wanted to update you and also talk about potentially adopting a companion for Rudy! He is doing great and has been traveling all over the US with me. Rudy's trainer has been working with him on socializing and his dominance issues - and all is going great. Thanks, here is a picture of me with Rudy at my house in Utah and LA! Cheers, Tony Sacco


I just wanted to share for Tails of Joy these pictures of Tasha and her new friend we met on our Saturday's hiking trip. Oh, I forgot to mention that Tasha loves to attack garden hoses. She is so funny, she even does it on our walks, when she sees people watering their front lawns. We call her "water preserving dog".



Lobo seems pretty comfortable in the driver's seat or in the pool!


Robin's (rescuer) note: See the first picture of Kilo (now Milo) when I had him and Milo now at doggy daycare. He was neonatal when I got him from the North Central Shelter, he had to be bottle fed so they were going to put him down. He was covered with fleas and had a disgusting crusty skin, look at him now!

Steve & Sally's (doting adoptive parents): Here are more pictures of 'little' Kilo from Doggie Daycare-- who we named Milo, he's about a year old. Milo has turned into a big, athletic, loveable goofball. If he was a person he would be the 'Class Clown'.


We wanted to let you both know Evi made it home okay and is well on her way to adjusting to her new home.  She met her new brothers, played with them at the park and in the backyard.  She met our cat (well, technically this cat is Chase's kitty) and managed to squeeze in a few naps.  She ate dinner and is resting next to Rocky right now.  She's very smart and alert - she's definitely going to give the boys a run for their money ;-)   She's so petite it makes the boys look like big tanks next to her! Evi is such a doll...we're thinking of naming her Cricket, but we're not sure yet..still waiting to see how she warms up to things. Thanks again for letting us adopt her! Julie


Bear (now Lancelot) and Tova ... snug as two bugs in a rug.


I just wanted to update you on Daisy (formerly Silva).  I adopted her in December and she is great.  It took a few weeks to get used to each other and she is really attached to me now.  She has to be in the same room I'm in most of the time.  She has her comfy spot on the couch where she watches TV.  We go for walks every morning, when she sees that I'm putting on my shoes she starts to go crazy running back and forth between me and the front door.  She loves to go camping where she can play with her doggy friends, she just doesn't like the truck ride to get there. I just wanted to say thanks, I've referred a few people to the rescue so hopefully they found the perfect dog for them, I know I did. John Patton & Daisy


austin for tails

Since the third day we got him Austin, I stopped using a leash (most of the times) because he was, and still is, so obedient. I have yet had to raise my voice at him, and because we clicked so well, don't see a need to. He is the perfect shop dog, companion, friend. He goes to work with me (loves going into Home Depot) and pretty much goes where I go during the day. Always ready for petting and loving, he is truly an awesome Austin. Just as laid back as the city he's named after. Thank you for saving him. (for us). Oh, did I mention he thinks he's a lap dog. All our best, Michael and Judy Albert

austin for tails 2
austin for tails 3


bo for tails bo for tails 2

Today, on our Bo's tenth birthday, just another big Thank-You to you and Diane for saving him and so many other wonderful German Shepherds. Attached are some photos of Bo taken on our last trip to Bodega Bay this past month. As you can see, he is healthy and strong and truly enjoying himself, with much appreciation, Claudia Petrunich

Rescue Note: What a wonderful life Bo has now! From an abusive home where he was used as target practice for paint balls, and his teeth filed down flat -- to the loving home with Claudia! What an amazing lady who saw the dog Bo was and couldn't care less about his less than perfect teeth. We need more people like Claudia! Lucky Doggie!

bo for tails 3


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