Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Dear Westside Family,

We wanted to update you on our quest for a home of our own for the dogs. With the support of some very generous people, we have gotten closer than we even dreamed was possible to buying the building that houses our almost 100 dogs, dogs waiting for their forever homes. Most of our dogs were out of options when they came to Westside German Shepherd Rescue.

The property on Hill Street seems almost within reach!  We are getting so close that we are already dreaming of how we can make improvements for the dogs! We met with a loan broker yesterday; it is a bank that lends to non-profits. They not only lend money but also stay engaged with the non-profits and try to help in other ways. We never thought this was possible and the verdict is still out on what the percentage will be of the value to the loan ratio. The more we can put down, the better our chances of being approved; also, the payments would be less so we would have more money for the dogs every month instead of paying so much interest.

Our landlord will then do an exchange for another property and won’t have to pay capital gains tax -- his concern.  This has been a big hurdle that changed the original offer to us.

We have $200,000 plus a little stashed away -- all donated by our supportive Westside family.  If we could get $100,000 more, it would really insure our getting a loan, plus make our payments less and help the dogs more! Can you help the dogs again? I feel badly asking again but we would love to know we have a place forever, not only for the dogs we rescue week after week but also for the generations of dogs to come.

Usually by January the number of dogs abandoned during the holidays slows down -- but not this year. We have dogs in every kennel at the rescue and some are doubled up -- sharing kennel space.  Dogs who are ready to leave our veterinary hospital are having to wait there because of the coveted space to save another life. In January we took in 122 dogs because they were out of time at crowded animal shelters. We placed 97 in wonderful homes. Dogs continue needing our help like never before. We are still working super hard to find more dogs wonderful homes. Our kennel space is simple but it saves lives, lots and lots of lives! It will never stop being an emotional moment for me, when our freedom van returns from the high-kill shelters and dog after dog steps out -- they know something good just happened. It is a celebration of lives saved and they know it! 

Sending lots of hugs to all the good people who are helping make this dream come true!  


Special 15th Anniversary Shirts!

2017 marks 15 years since Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles started saving lives. Over 11,000 lives have been saved. To showcase this milestone, there are special 15 anniversary t-shirts and sweatshirts in the online store. You can order your shirt and/or sweatshirts until February 28th. 

Shirts come in teal only except 3XL and 4XL men shirts that come in white. Shirts are true in size. Sweatshirts come in antique sapphire. The logo will be in the front of the shirt with the German Shepherd in the heart will be on the back.

For our international supporters or supporters who want to pay by check, e-mail your order with your name, address and items wanted to westside.store@aol.com

The person who run the store will calculate the shipping charges and come up with your total donation. You shirt(s) will not be ordered if your donation has not been received. 


This is a fundraiser to help save more lives. Wear your shirt/sweatshirt with pride as you walk you dog and let people know they are part of the 11,000 lives saved.



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