Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the adoption process?
The first step is always filling out an application. Please be sure to answer ALL questions, including Landlord info with name and contact number (please don't answer: 'available upon request' - the question on the application IS the request) without this info we can not proceed.
Once your application is received, one of our adoption counselors will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours. Please be patient, we are all volunteers and will get back to you as soon as we can. If you haven't heard back within 5 days, please send us an email to make sure we actually received your application. There are times when they end up in cyber heaven without ever reaching us.
We do aerial and/or home checks before your application is approved.
Once you are approved, be sure to BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL OF YOUR CURRENT DOGS. It is VERY important that your current dogs and any new potential dog meet to see how they get along. In most cases we can not proceed with an adoption until your dogs come down with you.
In most cases the dog is able to go home with you on the day of adoption unless they still need to be spayed/neutered. This will be scheduled and you will be able to pick up your dog once he/she has been fixed.
All our dogs are up to date with shots, are micro chipped and are/will be spayed/neutered before adoption.
The adoption fee includes all this plus the one time registration fee with the microchip company. (this is their fee, not ours) We will do the chip registration for you 10-14 days after adoption, and after you inform us if/what you changed the dog's name to.
In the case of puppies and fostered dogs, once approved, you will be put in touch with the foster family and a meeting is arranged.

What is the adoption fee and what does it include?
Our general adoption fee is $375-475 for adults and $475 for puppies. (Adoption fees can vary based on
dog's age (seniors), training level, temperament, if they’re newly arrived, medical condition(s) (if any) and other factors. Adoption fees are used not only to rescue and place the dog you are personally adopting, but to aid in the future rescue and rehabilitation of other deserving dogs. Adoption fees are necessary; without fees our rescue efforts would quickly come to an end.
The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip, microchip registration and up to date vaccinations.

Do you adopt to homes out of state?
Yes, we do. Except for puppies under 5 mos UNLESS the adopters drive the puppy home. Adopters can drive out and drive back or fly out and drive back in a rental. If the puppy is small enough, some can fly back in the cabin with the adopter, but that's a case by case decision. (we do this because puppies are not fully vaccinated until they are over 4 mos old and can be exposed to diseases during regular transport.
We require a very detailed application and digital pictures of your home, fencing and yard.

For more info on out of state and Canada adoption, click HERE

When and where can I see your dogs?
We have an adoption event every Saturday (11am-4pm); Sunday 1pm-4pm and Wednesday (11am-3pm) at our boarding place at 3016 S Hill St, Los Angeles 90007. No appointment is necessary on these days. We can also show dogs on other days BY APPOINTMENT only. Several of our dogs are in foster homes in various locations around LA. Arrangements need to be made with the foster families to meet the dogs in their care.
Tell me about fostering your dogs.
The first step is always filling out an application. Whether you're fostering or adopting, we always need to make sure we match you up with the right shepherd. They all have different personalities, likes and dislikes and it's very important that foster families and their foster dogs live in 'harmony'. Fosters care for the dogs in their homes until the dog is adopted by his/her forever family. Rescue pays for their medical care while they're foster dogs, unless the family wants to pick up the tab, which is always appreciated by us.

Do you place dogs in homes with small children?
Yes we do. Most German Shepherd are wonderful with kids in general, although we always have dogs that would do better without small kids. Some might knock them over in their enthusiasm, some very young pups might consider kids as 'chew toys' (you know those teething months), and some just might not be good with children. We always do our best to match the right temperament with the right family/kids, although there are no guarantees.

How can I surrender my dog to your Rescue?

We do our best to help you keep your dog. In most cases there are ways to solve behavioral problems or find housing where shepherds are welcome.




Can't afford medical care for your dog?
Before you give up and take your dog to the animal shelter or worse, put them to sleep, please check out the organizations below who might be able to help you!

The Sam Simon Foundation: Los Angeles (free surgery for non-orthopedic procedures; free spay/neuter operations, including vaccinations, flea control, deworming, nail trims, and antibiotics)

What are the different ways you can help me rehome my shepherd?
Click HERE for a more detailed info page.
1) We post your shepherd's pictures and bio on our Courtesy Listings
. Your contact information will be listed (phone # and/or email address) All interested parties will be contacting you directly. We're not involved in the adoption at all, we're just basically providing you with 'advertisement space' on our Website. The dog stays with you until he/she is adopted.
VERY IMPORTANT: Always ask for a donation for your dog. Sadly there are many people out there looking for free dogs to use as 'bait dogs' to train fighting dogs; for money from research labs; for cruel pranks; snake food etc ...

2) We post your shepherd on the page with our Adoptable Dogs. All applications for the dog will be handled
by us. Your dog can stay with you until adopted. You will relinquish the dog to the rescue when the dog is chosen for adoption. If the dog is ever returned, we will always take it back and find it a new home. None of our
dogs are ever euthanized.
NOTE: In order to qualify for this option, your dog has to be evaluated and approved by the rescue beforehand.

FINAL NOTE: Please make sure you have explored every option to keep your shepherd. It is devastating for these wonderful pets to lose the family they love. Some people give up too soon and in most cases problems can be resolved with the right training, housing etc. Please show the loyalty to your dog that he shows to you. Especially those senior dogs!

How to help our rescue with your Estate Planning

Westside German Shepherd Rescue (WGSR) doesn’t want to say “No” to any dog in need, even when others may have to. We are supported entirely through philanthropic donations, adoption fees, and fundraisers. Because we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to support our Rescue. If you would like to help us continue to find loving homes for these wonderful dogs, please make a donation today. Give the gift that can save many lives! Consider WGSR when you are planning your estate.

What is estate planning?
The process of directing the distribution of your assets after your death, or planning for the management of assets in the event of your incapacity.
Why is estate planning important?
        It provides you with control over the ultimate distribution of your assets.
        You will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes are going to be followed.
        You may save administrative expense and possibly taxes.
        You can simplify matters for your survivors.
        You will make a difference to your favorite charity.
When should I plan my estate?
It’s never too early to express your wishes.
Why should I consider WGSR when planning my estate?
        Your gift will contribute to the well-being of the rescue dogs.
               Charitable contributions to a non-profit are generally deductible for estate tax purposes.
        See your tax preparer or attorney for specific information. It will give you the opportunity to do something positive and in perpetuity with your estate.
How will my bequest be used?
You can specify for dog’s health care, education, whatever you wish. If no specific request then, WGSR will use your gift in the area of greatest need.
What information will my attorney need to insure that my bequest reaches WGSR?
Please click HERE to see our 501c3, it list our legal name, address and EIN number
Who can I contact if I have further questions?
Your attorney

OUR TAX ID: 41-2078176



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