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Valencia von Varel

Valencia von Karel is a beautiful 3 month old German Shepherd mix. She looks like a perfect mini-shepherd, she has much smaller bones than a pure shepherd.

Per her foster dad:

Valencia is the perfect puppy everyone imagines when they close their eyes and dream of adding to the family. She’s affectionate, playful, gentle, fearless, and inquisitive. When she’s not napping with her chin resting on you, she loves being chased by her much bigger foster-siblings, and she can be a bit vocal when trying to provoke play, which also includes pouncing on the smaller foster-sibling or unsuspecting toys. She enjoys playing with ropes and knocking a ball around on the floor, and she loves to lead the pack on zoomy sprints up and down the hallway, launching off stairs, darting under taller dogs, tail wagging and tongue flopping about. All shepherds are bright, but there’s another layer to her intelligence. She doesn’t merely observe her surroundings, you can see the gears turning as she digests goings-on, and she’s really quick to pick up on routine, which also means that being attentive to her very predictable potty-triggers will make it easy to potty train. Let her out when she has just woken up, when she has just eaten, and right after they have been horsing around, and you’ll have no accidents. Valencia will thrive in a household with a couple furry friends and probably children who are old enough to shower her in affection. A medium energy household with a lot of joy and love is where she belongs. She’s basically the easiest, dreamiest, most wonderful dog you could ever hope to meet, unless you have your heart set on a gigantic shepherd.


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