Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.


If you had a dog who had some issues that were effectively dealt with by a trainer we don’t know, please share with us! Finding a good trainer is such a gift. So many well-meaning people aren’t very skilled trainers and shouldn’t be training German Shepherds.

Emily Roach

Emily holds Saturday group training classes at the rescue on Hill St.
First class is free for our adopters. You can then sign up for a package of 4 group lessons for $120.
(Saturdays from 10am-11am)

She also does private training, obedience, agility training, sport obedience, trick/movie training.






Charles Perry

Most days you will find Charles the trainer at the rescue working with our German Shepherds, but his expertise includes many other breeds too as you can see. He is very philosophical and helps pet parents understand their dogs and what they are thinking. With the right communication skills and training, Charles can teach you and your dog how to live in harmony.


feel free to text also



"I am writing to strongly recommend Charles as a dog trainer and behavioral expert. I hired Charles to help me address selective listening with my 10 month old puppy, Pepino. Notably, within a few minutes of our evaluation, Charles seemed to deeply understand my dog’s personality characteristics, including aloofness and stubbornness. Charles effectively helped Pepino respond to commands he previously ignored (such as “come” and “down) and learn essential new commands (such as “heel”). Perhaps most importantly, he helped me understand dog psychology and behavior in a new way so that I could effectively communicate with my dog. As a psychologist, I particularly appreciated Charles’ in depth knowledge of behavioral modification and learning. He taught us more than commands; he taught us to understand each other, he taught me the importance of boundaries with my dog, and he helped us readjust the hierarchy in our household. I can not recommend him highly enough."

Regards,  Lauren Harb, PsyD


OJ Knighten

OJ Knighten, the K9 Coach, offers practical, affordable, no-hassle dog training. Whether in your home, on the training field or by phone or video consultation, the K9 Coach can help you and your dog become a team.



323-353-2281 cell
661-268-0534 ofc

TY'S SUCCESS STORY (testimonial)

Since he was born, my German Shepherd, Ty, was aggressive to people and dogs both on and off leash. It was so hard to control him. When I had people over, he would just bark and growl at them. I paid four trainers to try to get him corrected at a young age. I was starting to think “maybe my dog isn’t fixable; no one has been able to train him”. For a long time, Ty would bark and growl; because of his size, he would intimidate other people and dogs. Every dog he saw he would want to go after and attack, and to every person he saw he would growl, bark, etc. Luckily I found OJ, read his success stories and immediately got in contact with him. He found a plan that would work for me and Ty to try to get him to the obedience level where I needed him to be. Now we continue to go to OJ’s trainings and they have completely changed our lives. I am able to have my furry friend Ty out in public because of OJ! He is now in the advanced class, which if you would have asked me before we met OJ, I would have never imagined my dog to be so well trained and well behaved.


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