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Thank You Warren and Denise for Adopting ...

Skylar Blue (aka Shiva)
Tails of Joy

Shiva is a gorgeous 8 month old German Shepherd. She is well bred and regal. Her past is a mystery to us. She was found lost covered with blue paint from head to toe. An attempt was made to get the oil-based paint off by clipping her beautiful coat. She still has a spattering of paint over her face and down her back. We named her after a paint manufacturer.
Shiva is sweet and calm. She is good with people and is easy going and well adjusted. We know someone loved this beautiful girl, but we can't imagine what happened. She has a little training and sits on command. Shiva is good with other dogs and walks well on the leash. She rode well in the car and enjoys double cheeseburgers. We got so many emails from other breed rescue groups about helping the "blue girl" who was in danger in the shelter. Most people don't have an imagination, but hopefully you do and you can imagine how absolutely stunning Shiva will be when she gets past her "blue phase!"
We are asking a donation of $300 for her to go towards her care.

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