Sammy von Tannerstein

Sammy is a spirited, 5-month-old purebred shepherd who likes people of all ages, including little children.  Because of her polite and refined manner, her foster mom refers to her as “Princess Samantha.”  She loves to play with other dogs and respects cats too.  Going on walks and riding in the car are some of her favorite pastimes but, most of all, she just wants to be with her humans.  Sammy knows all of the basic obedience commands and even participated as a therapy dog in a program that works with at-risk teens; although she was the youngest dog in the program, she performed at the head of the class.   Sammy alerts at strangers but accepts them once her owner does – so very shepherd-like.  She will thrive with an owner who will appreciate her intelligence, keep her challenged and let her know who is the leader of the pack.  Sammy thanks all of you whose contributions paid for her heart surgery at 12 weeks of age.  She is on maintenance meds for now and her prognosis for the future is excellent. She's also good with cats.


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