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Osiris is about the saddest sight you can imagine... And it is even sadder to realize that his owners allowed him to get into this condition!
Osiris had advanced scarcoptic mange. This gentle puppy was being eaten alive by mites. Left untreated, he would eventually have had no skin left. Fortunately, Osiris was rescued and is now getting treatment for the condition and will recover. He has been treated with everything possible to make him more comfortable and get the scarcoptic mange under control.
We feel fortunate that the shelter in South Central realized this puppy was worth treating. They kept him in isolation until we could rescue him. Even after what was done to him, this sweet boy is still very people-oriented. Someone kept this sweetheart in a small space, while his skin was being destroyed. He wasn't wandering the street stray because his nails would not have been so overgrown like they were. His poor body was just burning up when we got him to our vet. His ears were caked with something which we can't even identify. This sweet dog was in the worst shape of any dog we have rescued. Osiris, believe it or not, is a well-bred purebred German Shepherd, who will have a long and gorgeous coat someday. He is only around 6 to 7 months old, and with his huge paws, he has lots of growing to do. The volunteer who picked him up from the shelter bought him a double cheeseburger. She could hear a funny noise in the backseat. It was Osiris wagging his hairless tail, which was thumping against the backseat. He is so precious and just melts our hearts to think about what was done to him.
We named him after an Egyptian God, Osiris, who started a new life after his death. Our Osiris is going to be transformed and start on his new life too...
Can you help us make up to Osiris for what was done to him? We need help with his veterinary bills!

Donations for Osiris are tax deductible, and can be made out to:
L.A. Central Animal Hospital

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Westside German Shepherd Rescue
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Osiris is very grateful for every kindness shown to him.
Please help him to get his life back!

Note: With great foster care he has made amazing progress. See how he looks now on our "Tails of Joy" page

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