Mieko von Milan

Mieko von Milan is a beautiful 5 month old German Shepherd puppy. Most likely one of her parents was white and the other black and tan, this is typically how their puppies come out. She is a gentle soul and a little worried about all that has happened in her life in the last few days. She was saved from a crowded animal shelter, went to a loving foster home with lots of dogs to play with and then just arrived at the rescue. She loves other dogs, was very comfortable with the resident cat. She knows “sit” and is easy on the leash, we were told she is housebroken. She is an elegant looking girl, not big boned, our guess she will be a medium sized shepherd when she is full grown. Mieko is easy; she is a good choice for a family or for a first dog or just someone who has a good eye! Mieko is an adoption councelor's dream!


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