Jax von Callaway

Jax von Callaway is a gorgeous 3 year old classic Geman Shepherd with a straighter back many people prefer. Jax is one of the happiest dogs we have, he's very outgoing and friendly with people and seems to think he's a lap dog at times. He's even good with other dogs which is something we're very excited about. While he was tied up (and he was protesting all the way) to have his pictures taken, someone's dog came over (off leash) to say hello and Jax just gave her kisses over and over. When our volunteer picked him up from the shelter, he couldn't wait for her to open the van door, he squeezed his way in there and was already sitting in the crate by the time the door fully opened - as if to say: LET'S GO, I'M READY. He loves his walks and after the first minute or two once his excited energy wears off a bit, he walks well on leash. We know a dog with his temperament, not to mention looks, will be gone in no tme so you better hurry!


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