Electra von Essel

Elektra von Essel is a stunning, 2 year old  sable Garman Shepherd.  She is a high quality working line German Shepherd, check any site about sables and anyone can see she is something special. Elektra loves to play and have a job, but she loves hanging out with kids too, she makes it her job to follow them around and loves it when they throw her ball for her. Elektra is described as being "fantastic" with kids. She is housebroken and has really good inside house manners, she loves to ride in the car. She walks well on a leash and doesn't alert to other dogs. She could be in the backyard unsupervised and she doesn't jump or dig. She isn't a big barker, except when it is appropriate to alert to something unusual. She sleeps through the night without making a peep. Elecktra would be fine with a submissive male, but she doesn't want another dog to dominate her. It isn't too much to ask for a girl to get a little respect!


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