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Zarko von Prtina

Zarko von Prtina newface

Zarko von Prtina is a very handsome 17 month old German Shepherd. He has the frame of a German import with the straighter back which everyone seems to love. Zarko is a character, he is at a vet hospital to get neutered, we were informed today that he has a favorite blanket and gets very upset if he doesn't get his special blanky back after it has been washed. He seemes to have a very even temperament, while on a walk a bicyclist came behind him and a volunteer and rang their bell, it scared the volunteer but Zarko dealt with it in stride. Little dogs barking at fences, nothing seems to bother him, screaming kids on a playground, he just keeps walking and acting like a perfect proud German Shepherd. He even seemed to be okay around cats.

Zarko von Prtina newface 2

Zarko von Pritina newprofile

Zarko von Pritina newsitting 2

Zarko von Prtina newsitting

Zarko von Pritina new standing 4

Zarko von Prtina newstanding 3


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