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Timmy von Brink

Report from Timmy's foster family:

Timmy is an amazing 13 month old sable German Shepherd. He is very good with the alpha male in his foster family and they enjoy hours of playing. There is also a guest Chihuahua and Timmy stays as far away as possible. When the Chi goes after him, he just lifts his feet quickly so he doesn’t get bitten. Timmy is such a big dog; it is a ridiculous site to see him defer to the little monster. He loves the kids and seeks them out. If the boys are climbing a tree, he tries to climb the tree also. His water dish was turned over the other day and he was thirsty, so all of a sudden we hear the water running outside, he just turned on the hose and was enjoying a nice long drink. He is so smart it is scary. Timmy enjoys long walks and loves to wear a back pack; it makes him feel as if he has a job. He was already housebroken when he came to stay with the foster family. He is the most wonderful dog, he just needs someone who will take him on three mile walks like his foster family does and give him something to do. Oh, and he loves to swim in the ocean when he gets an outing at the beach.

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