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Parker is a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog mixed with something smaller.  He is all of 27 lbs. and the happiest boy and so cute. One of our volunteers kept seeing him at the shelter and fell in love with him.  When his time ran out she took him into our rescue.  He smiles all the time.  Parker was adopted from our rescue 4 yrs. ago and, due to divorce, was left with the wife for a year and reunited with his dad only to be left behind again due to an out-of-state transfer.  He has asked us to find him a new family.  This guy loves everybody and was raised in a home with another dog and three cats, one of which was his constant companion and they slept together.  He was also around birds and even ducks.  He had to give the ducks a good chase once a day just to let them know he was on duty but he never would hurt them.  He now has no one and no other pets for companionship and is so lonely.  He gets so excited when he gets visitors, he runs laps to show how happy his is.  Please come meet this little love bug who will fit into any family.  This little guy will make you smile everyday with his enthusiasm.

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Parker  Barbara

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