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Midnight von Munich

One of K9 Connection's Graduates!

Midnight von Munich is a handsome 2 year old  black German Shepherd with a touch of another breed. We are very proud of our beautiful Midnight, he was picked from many dogs to join a program called Canine Connection. Trainers come and do a variety of temperament testing and pick the dogs they feel who do well. It is a program where at risk kids work with dogs, the dogs go for two to three hours of training a day. It is so exciting to see the dogs run out of the boarding places to find their place in the van. They just love it. They learn basic obedience, they learn to jump hurdles and go through tunnels. The dogs are proud of themselves and the kids are too, they feel that they are doing something worthwhile and feel better about themselves. Midnight already finished one session and made us proud at his graduation. Midnight has a beautiful thick coat and seems to have had good care and he certainly has been loved. He is gentle and calm and so well behaved. He does well with other dogs and is great on the leash, no wonder with his background.

Read what Midnight's teenage handler has to say:

Dear Potential Adopter, Here is some information about my dog Midnight. He is a really nice dog.  He listens and he loves it when you give him treats.  He is really smart and friendly with everyone.  He is a strongly built, long bodied dog that stands between 23 and 25 inches. Midnight is really cute.  He is a German Shepherd so he's noted for intelligence, alertness and loyalty.  And they can smell and hear good. Midnight sits well and loves to play in the grass.  He is all black and learns things very fast.  He can't stop licking you!  He loves to jump and play. He gets really hot when you walk him in the sun, so I say you should give him water because his color attracts the sun, so he gets really hot. I LOVE him and will be so happy if someone out there would adopt him.  I hope that he goes with someone that will treat him good. Love always, Gisell

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