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Hershey von Malibu

Hershey von Malibu is a beautiful 10 month old German Shepherd. We couldn't believe it when we got the call about her, even though we hear it all too often. Her family basically moved out of the house and just left Hershey in the backyard to fend for herself. By the time someone noticed her, she lost so much weight, she was basically skin and bones. She weighed 38 lbs when we first got her, but she is slowly putting on some weight. Hershey is a sweet, friendly girl who craves attention and thrives with it. She will do well with a family that's committed to continue with her training to make her a good canine citizen. She's very quick to learn and eager to please. She loves people and children and gets along with other dogs as well. She will be on the smaller side, about 55-60 lbs, once she finishes growing and gaining back some much needed weight. If you are looking for a smaller shepherd with a great big heart, Hershey is your girl, and there's nothing better than Hershey's Kisses. (we just couldn't resist)

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