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Cody (Adopted)
and Omar, Blumchen:
Saving them is our mission,
but we desperately need Donations!

Cody von Callaway

Cody fell out of the back of a truck, how irresponsible can anyone be? Thanks to the care and effort of the Camarillo Animal Shelter and Dr. Anderson at Animal Surgical Emergency Center, Cody has three pins in his leg and life looks promising. The staff was incredible to Cody and treated him like a VIP, although they charged us a fraction of what a surgery like that would cost we have raised only a fraction of what it cost. What we paid was $1,601 we have raised very little.

Omar was struggling, he had parvo, he couldn’t keep anything down. He thought he had gone to the right place; a vet checked him over and told his family he had parvo. His family was signing papers; it is good a puppy can’t understand. They had signed away his life, he was to be euthanized. A vet tech. called us and moments later, Omar was getting an I.V. Tube with fluid and concoctions of medications called a parvo cocktail. His body immediately stopped aching so badly. The staff at Valley Animal Hospital has given us every discount they could. Omar feels great and is eating like a little pig and playing with his tennis ball. His care cost $900 we have raised very little...

Blumchen was rushed to the animal shelter by her mother; her mother thought she had a heat stroke. She didn’t have the $20 to euthanize Blumchen so she rushed to the ATM to get the money. We had Blumchen brought to our vet, it turns out Blumchen has a condition involving her heart. It is called a PDA. At birth a shunt that normally exists closes and no longer pumps blood, Blumchen’s didn’t close, there is too much blood flowing. She periodically faints, as she grows the strain on her heart will be too much and she will die by 6 months. The surgery normally costs $5,000 the staff at California Animal Hospital with the help of Dr. Schlanger at Brent-Air Animal Hospital have worked to get the surgery for Blumchen at a fraction of the cost. She will have open heart surgery on Wednesday by three cardiologists for $1,500. If she makes it through the surgery she will live a completely normal life. We have riaised next to nothing for her. We have saved three lives on our credit card .If we don’t have support for helping these adorable pups, it means the next time we get a call we can’t help. We are told we need to do more effective fund raisers, try for grants and get out a newsletter, but we are working so hard trying to get through each day with such an incredible need we just don’t have time. We need your help, please help us help these babies.


Blumchen is an adorable 4 month old German Shepherd mixed puppy. She is mostly German Shepherd but with a touch of a smaller breed. Blumchens’ name means blossom in German, we are enjoying watching her blossom already. She was brought to the shelter by a frantic owner, she had been left without water in the car or backyard in the heat, we weren’t sure of the story. Blumchen is doing very well and has been at a vet hospital for the last few days for observation, but the staff is happy to announce that she is fine and just your typical energetic and happy puppy girl! She is more than ready for her forever home.


Omar von Van Nuys

Omar von Van Nuys is a wonderful 10 week old German Shepherd puppy. His owners brought him to the hospital to be euthanized because he had an infection and they didn't want to pay for his medical care. How anyone can look at this adorable little guy and not want to spend the money to get him healthy is beyond us. We took over his care and he is now a happy, tail wagging, confident pup with big curious eyes and a huge appetite who will make a family the most wonderful companion for many years to come."

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