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Van Gogh

How did this happen to such a beautiful dog? Van Gogh is definitely a dog bred from Championship lines. He has the beautiful red coat that is so sought after. Van Gogh has been mutilated; his ears have been chopped off. We can't understand why anyone would do this to any dog. Van Gogh still has the gait of a show dog and carries himself with such elegance. He has not only been hurt, but at 52 lbs., he is just skin and bones. While we were taking his picture, he started eating plants. We thought at first that he wanted to eat grass, but he had a mouth full of plants. Maybe that is how he survived on the streets. Van Gogh is getting extra large meals and a special holistic diet with raw foods to help build his body back up. Despite all he has endured, he is still a wonderful dog. He loves people and is good with other dogs. If you would like to make a donation towards Van Gogh's care we would greatly appreciate the help. Just click on the DONATE button.

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