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  Annie is doing well and is such a vibrant and energetic little girl.  She has  from day one had a very special bond with my son.  It is very touching to watch the both of them together.  Annie loves being with our two other dogs and they have created a tight friendship.  They are always together!  Annie has healed well with her injury and shows no signs of ever being in such a traumatic event.    We love her very much and are very blessed that we have her and that she like many others have your organization that cares enough to give them another chance of life.  Thank you... Jeffrey, Lisa-Marie, Zachary,Tico, Maddy and Annie King 


Raider had embroyonic tissue form on his eyes at birth, which caused fur to grow on his eyes. With the help of your donations, we had Raider's eyes fixed by laser surgery. In the meantime he has developed such a wonderful sense of smell that he was adopted by an LAPD Officer for Search and Rescue. He graduated at the top of his academy class and is now working as a cadaver and bomb sniffing K9 officer. Raider is a shining example of how your donations have helped a lost soul obtain a second chance at life as well as the chance to help others! (If only his previous family that left him at the shelter because of his eye problem could see him now!)


"A dog kiss a day chases the blues away!"



We'd like to thank everyone who helped support us in our battle to save Ivan.  What a lucky pup he is!  We wish all our puppies could be as lucky and have the chance to grow up healthy and strong.  

He not only has his health, but he now has a new family of his own, too! 


Macx and his parents remember what it was like when he had mange. We want to thank Macx's parents for all they did for him and for thinking of Dusty in his time of need.


BRUTUS would like to thank everyone who helped him with his recovery and all who donated towards his care. He's been adopted by a wonderful family and looks like he's got it made now! Read a note from his new 'mom & dad' below:

"Here is a picture of the three amigos as they go for a walk, as you can tell, Koda, our oldest and a stray from our town is on the left; Breezy, who we adopted from Westside last summer, is in the middle; and our newest addition, a much healthier Brutus, is on the right side. We are enjoying all three and every day is an "adventure" for all of us :) Bob and Mona"


Ava Gardner  (formerly Daisy ) was  named after the famous actress and some people think Ava the GSD is just as pretty.  Since her adoption on February 17, 2007, Ava has gained 19 pounds and is a vibrant, energetic dark beauty.  Ava and my 7 y/o minpin mix , Little Berkeley Square, are great pals.  Ava obediently responds to "down" and plays with Little Berkeley Square whilst she lays on the floor.   She is one of the most obedient dogs at Fort Funston.  Ava has many dog friends, from 11 pounds to 162 pounds.  She likes all humans and has a slight preference toward men.  In the early morning, Ava runs like the wind.  All in all, she is a happy dog and loves living in SF.
Regards - Joan R


I attached another picture of Mandy that was taken yesterday.  It you ever get a chance, I would love to see her on "Happy Tails".  I tell everyone about the Rescue and all the dogs you guys have helped.  I send them to your site to see what she used to look like, especially when they seem interested in adoption. Thank you, Lisa, Tony, Matti, and Mandy

Rescue note: From a scruffy, mange covered death row inmate at the shelter to a life of luxury and "spoiledness". Mandy von Merrill counts her lucky stars every day for being adopted by the most amazing and loving family she could have asked for. Click on her name and see what a transformation she's gone through thanks to her wonderful owners who saw the beauty in her even at her worst. Our hats off to her "mom and dad".


Zarko von Prtina newface

Dog Training by 700 SWAT, K-9 units & Special Forces members
since 1984 at  (310) 713-5774



Our beautiful Shaq passed away after a long struggle with cancer. His foster mom Elizabeth gave him the best 6 months of his life. Knowing that Shaq only had months to live, after he had a cancerous kidney removed, Elizabeth was there to make sure he didn’t waste another day, sad and thin in a veterinary hospital. He got his strength back and filled out looking magnificent again, he loved their trips to Big Bear and the other dogs in the family, but most of all he loved watching his foster mom in the kitchen or enjoying the morning sun. We all mourn Shaq’s passing but we are so touched by Elizabeth’s selfless gift to such a
beautiful dog.


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