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It's been awhile since you have seen Sam.  He was the long haired german shepherd found in South Central L.A. wandering the streets.  He was in horrible condition, underweight, skin infected, etc. Sam is such a beautiful dog now.  He weighs approximately 100 lbs, and definitely has alot of puppy in him yet.  He loves to chew on bones, and play with his brother, Archey. I am sending a few pictures of the family. You will see how much Sam has changed.  We love him so much, and Archey too!  Thank you so much for everything.  Sam is such an important member of our little family! Cynthia Bradley

sammy for tails 3 sammy for tails 2
sammy for tails


hershey for tails
I thought you would like to see photos of Hershey, now Shelly on the left of the photo.  Her new owners Martha and Bob absolutely adore her, and so do her new brother and sister.


Just wanted to update you on Brody (Doogey)! Hes now 7mths old and getting big! We took him swimming for the first time with his lil brother Royce the other day.. You will see the progress from scared to oh my god I love it!! It's really funny! As far as his HOD is concerned: the good news is his disease progression is not as aggressive.  His back legs are actually worse than the front but it's showing above the growth plates which is good because its allowing his bones to grow equally bilaterally.. BEST NEWS yet is that it has not at all impeded on his daily living and exercising.. :-) They suggested swimming and sand playing and that's what we did!!! Thank you again for the best puppy EVER!!!! He thinks he can get away with alot because hes so handsome but that doesnt always fly in mommys book!!! Noelle and Mark!

Rescue Note: Brody is a lucky doggie to have such wonderful 'parents'.

doogey for tails 5 doogey for tails 6
doogey for tails 4 doogey for tails 2
doogey for tails 3 doogey for tails 7


Coco V Lancaster 006

Thought you might like to see how Coyote (Freddie) is doing . His first Xmas picture! He is doing wonderful!  He is a joy to have in our lives.  The cat loves him the most.  Thanks again.  Diana


Rescue Note: I think we see a big smile on Coyote's face (laying down with green bowtie on) on this picture. Any dog would be lucky to be part of this awesome family of humans and furkinds alike!


It has been sometime and I wanted to fill you in on our Gipper (Mikey).  He has really trained well on all levels and is great to have around the house. We are trying to find him a job with an agency that uses search dogs.  Our Schutzhund trainers feel he shows big potential for this and I work with him on this also. Thanks, Bill
gipper for tails 2


I wanted to thank Csilla for matching us up with the perfect dog! And thanks to Robin for all her guidance, and to Nancy for all her advice. Isis (formerly Tabatha) is such a sweet, silly, intelligent & affectionate girl. It's like she has always been part of our family. I still can't believe that I wasn't even interested in meeting her, which just goes to show that you know exactly what you're doing as far as pairing up people & pets. We are so grateful to Westside; you are all definitely earning your wings, being as you are real angels to these dogs. Thank you so much for all your kindness, sacrifice & dedication. The McBride Family


I am happy to say that Thad seems truly happy here and has blossomed under all the exercise, discipline and love we have shown him. We did have a problem at first getting him into our pontoon boat on our lake, but as you can see from Photo 1, he not only adjusted but truly looks forward to the cruises around the lake.  From Photo 2, you will see him lying with my son's German Shepherd, Nikki.   We dogsit Nikki during the week when my son is at work, and we truly believe Thad is hopelessly in love with her!!!!  It is really amazing to see how much affection they have for each other. Oh, and just to let you know, we have made Thad an honorary Italian by re-naming him Dino. He certainly is an affectionate sweetie, who I am thrilled to say really is housetrained. So, again, you all have our sincere appreciation for your efforts in saving these wonderful animals.  And please know we will recommend your operation whenever we can.  He was, indeed, a wonderful choice for us!!!!!   Dino (Thad) and Tony & Gina

Beautiful Mia von Langhaare (on the right) is surrounded by beautiful humans and furkind alike! What a nice looking family!


Beau von Barnes loves to go back-packing with his wonderful new mom. Lucky doggie!

I just wanted to give you an update on Rigley.  Here are a few photos of the little guy.  He is such a great dog.  We have taken him to Dog Park and he had a great time playing with all the other dogs and his big brother Kai.  He has also started training and is doing great at that as well.  He is such a love and all he wants is attention and to be petted.  Anne’s parents just love him as well.  Thank you again for your time. Kevin


Puppy Lacey von Bremen was so sick with pneumonia when we got her at 8 weeks, we didn't think she would make it. But in the wonderful care of one of our great vets she recovered and got adopted by a lucky family. Look at how gorgeous she looks today!


Page 42
Tails of Joy Page

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