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Hi Robin:  I thought you might appreciate this picture of Nika.  This is before she tore that couch up.

nika couch small
nika for tails nika for tails 2

  We love Nika so much.  She recently graduated beginner obedience training at Petsmart and is now in the intermediate class.  She is doing very well and she is very smart.  She is on a raw diet and looking very healthy and lovely.  I look at your website every single day, more than once a day.  I'm addicted.  It's the best site because the pictures are so easy to view and the stories are great.  I've fallen in love with so many dogs since we got Nika but three would be too much.  Maybe when my old Boomer passes on we'll give another visit. Take care. Cathi Kemp



Happy New Year!

Keifer loves to run with the kids while they ride
their new eletric motorcycles!

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year,

~The Moore Family~
Darin, Sydney, Sarah, Mandy, Mitchell, & Keifer
(aka Dannon)

kiefer at beach


Autumn von Star face 2-2
Autumn von Star

Our little Abby (on the right, formerly Autumn) is doing great, and she and Stella send their greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year!  Best regards, George and Lynnelle Unruh


Pepper von Berlin

We finally got a nice picture of Pepper for you .  Everything is going well with her, she's adjusting nicely.  She fell in love with the toy duck she has in her mouth. She always has it close to her... keep you posted and we'll send more pics.  She's a little camera shy these days...
Take Care,
Andrea and Sean

pepper and ducky1


Klaus von Kernburg

Klaus is enjoying basking in the sunshine after recouperating from major surgery.

Tango (Chappy)

Thank you again for this marvelous boy-he has just filled an empty spot in our lives, he is so much more than we hoped for. He is just the sweetest angel, handsome to boot, I just cannot fathom how some did not love and appreciate him. Tango has been so amazing, we had decided we will only ever have rescue dogs-although I hope that time is a long, long, time away. Everyone else is so impressed with him, we have quite a few friends who are planning to look into rescue for their next dog, and our son and daughter-in-law are in the process of adopting a rescue right now.

Thanks again, and please thank the shelter people again also, they saved a very special dog, and I think that he is happy and secure with us.


Jericho and Crow

Jericho Magic3
Jericho Magic2
Jericho Magic5
Jerricho Magic


Lennon (Rebel)

Just wanted to check in and tell you that I am so happy with him.I hired a dog walker twice a week - that fixed the neighbor's issues with me. He isn't a bad barking dog like my neighbors made him out to be-- he is just a terrific guard dog that barks at cars or people that are in front of my (his) home. He is such an amazing dog, I can't believe how lucky I am to have him - (yeah he is lucky to have me too!!)  He is a scarf wearing,  loving and happy animal.  I wish everyone could have such a loving friend as Lennon. I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH, HE IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED AND MORE, Jeff Tilem

Rebel Lennon1

lennon march 17 2007 lennon posing march 17 2007



Dear Friends:

I’ve had a number of requests for pictures of Sheila, who will have been with me six months on March 21, 2007. The pictures were all taken by me, most with the camera in my Palm Treo 700p. Sheila, with her relentlessly sweet and gentle ways has completely become a part of my life. I am immensely fortunate to have Sheila. Best wishes,

Ivan + Sheila (Sheba)

sheila sheila 2
Sheila, observing our place in line as we wait in the In ‘n Out Burger drive through. I usually give her one or two “ala carte” burger patties
Sheila, having just jumped into the car after a dog-run break, awaits my entry:
sheila 3
sheila 4

When I’m working in the Study I often find Sheila in one of the client chairs, observing:

If I’m too boring, Sheila will retire to the sofa in the guest bedroom

sheila 5 sheila 6


This is a picture I took when I saw Sheila waiting for me to get out of bed (note her octopus toy to the left):


Sheila got up onto my bed and indicated her availability for a belly rub:


sebastian update

Hi Robin!
Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks for matching me up with Sebastian. It has been about three months since he became a part of my pack. At first it was a little shaky getting my female, Bear to accept him. Pure jealousy. But he let her be the leader and since then they have become the best of friends. Their favorite pass time...besides wrestling is...tracking the opossum in my backyard. Sebastian caught him twice in one night. He was so gentle and put him down when I asked. The little varmit scampered off when I brought the dogs in the house to sleep. Anyway, I just love Sebastian, as does everyone who meets him. I get so many compliments (like I had anything to do with his personality...hee hee hee). My front yard looks like a graveyard for stuffed animals. He loves to bury toys and it is hilarious to see a monkey paw or shark fin sticking out of the ground. Here is a picture I took today on our weekend outing to Griffith Park! Love,
Ann Harmon


As you can see, they had a meeting and decided that I am the one that gets to sleep on the floor! Lisa

Hi from Taylor & Bardon's family !!

taylor and bardon


I just wanted to let you know how much we love our son, Rommel.  He continues to be absolutely perfect in every way imaginable.  There are only three things he has even tried to do that could be remotely construed as inappropriate (eating Sweet Pea’s food that is always left out, getting into the cat box and barking just once at a dog outside the window) but it only took a stern “no” and he has never done any of those things again. He is SO sweet, kind, loving, eager to please and smart.  We get lots of compliments on how beautiful he is and everyone comments on his friendliness to people, kids, and animals (both dogs and cats). We continue to be ever so thankful that, after Sabre’s passing, we have been blessed with yet another amazing son.  I’ve attached several pictures of Rommel with his new little sister.  Please let me know if there is anything I can ever to do help you and your wonderful organization!!!  Janet Huey



bobby's new family 500

Started treating Bobby for colitis yesterday.Centrine, azulfidine, flagyl, and I/D kibble. Within hours a totally different dog...posture/attitude, sparkle in eyes. RUNNING and jumping today in field. I think that even that bad back leg is coming back. So much for high bulk natural diet.....and poor prognosis for future. Hopefully, a stress free life, home will stave off further attacks, but know how to handle now. In his case, bland, low bulk better. He will get his chicken back once everything healed. For now egg, cottage cheese, yogurt...., Virginia

(Rescue note: Our senior dogs need more angels like Virginia !)


Looks like Parker has it made !
parker for tails 2


Well, we just had another breakthrough here. Gracie decided that Simon is pretty okay and invited him to play all over the living room. I quickly found out how small a living room can feel when two GSD's decide that it is chase time! Thankfully that's why we have the patio :). I just had to share these pictures with you and Robin. They are quite the pair, as you can see. This is how they were sitting while I worked on some email this evening. They even like to tuck the same paw under! So cute. Thanks, Meagan
simon for tails 3
simon for tails
simon for tails 2


We adopted Lincoln in April of 2005 and you shipped him to us in Colorado. He's doing great, and is now a pretty big guy at a lean 90 lbs and 28 inches at the shoulder. He's very easy to live with, sweet, smart, and fun. He's fantastic with my kids, is a great watch dog and is every inch a german shepherd (except maybe for those ears). Thanks, Amy
lincoln for tails 2 Lincoln for tails


jack-jill for tails

I have attached a few pix for you of our beloved Zack (Jack) and Lili. (Jill) They are totally insane, but we ADORE them. We've been working with a dog trainer and hopefully something will stick! :0 ...We'd love to have you come by sometime and see them and see where they live. Take care!

Love, Jill

jack-jill for tails 2 jack-jill for tails 3


ally for tails 2 ally for tails 3
Just want to thank you for your great work on saving those precious German Shepherd dogs. Ally is very happy in her new home. She is very smart. My wife and I are so proud to have her as our companion. Thank you and all staffs! Last weekend, Ally had her first hiking with us and she definitely had a lot of fun. I think you might enjoy those pictures. Have a great weekend! Love, Rui & Han


klara for tails 3 klara for tails
klara for tails 2

klara for tails 4

Okay!  I've got several photos you'll get a kick out of. Klara and Buck on the bed: she has her head on my pillow (she seems to take over and just fit right in that way, hee hee). Lying in the snow  (one hot little gal, she is).Then one in the "front" yard all alone - you can see all the vacant land where we walk and chase bunnies, daily!  That has made her appetite a lot better with the exercise.  Otherwise we are ALL pretty much couch potatoes!  That front yard is where my soon-to-be rose garden will go.  She helps dig holes. Jennifer


bean for tails bean for tails 2

Henri (Bean) with doting mom Natalie. Henri has something to say:

"No, my daddy was NOT a raccoon!"


matt for tails 2
We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Matt, who now goes by the name Ref (short for Referee).  He has adapted very well to our family and it feels like he has been with us for a year. You hit the nail on the head by guessing he would be a good fit for us. He continues to be a wonderful dog for our family.  In fact, my brother and his family are now interested in adopting a shepherd from your organization. Thanks, Bruce and Pat


I wanted to send you a photo and let you know how much we adore our new dog. We renamed Kareem - "Coby." Coby seems to like his new name and his new life. He is such a sweet, gentle big boy. He is terrific with the kids and plays with them very well. He is learning how to sit, lie down, stay, and all the other basics. He's very smart and is picking it all up very fast. We haven't had any trouble, and, in fact, I'd have to say he's quite perfect (at least, for us he is). Thank you so much!!!! ~Trevor
kareem for tails


Cheyenne going home 1
Looks like Cheyenne has it made with her two new beautiful playmates!


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