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We have over 60 dogs in boarding with the boarding costs running $300 a month for each dog; we are going deeper in debt everyday. We want to continue saving lives but, there are a record number of German Shepherds abandoned in shelters this summer. We are sent euthanasia lists with so many wonderful and adoptable dogs, but we don’t have the resources to help more without your help. Please sponsor a dog, you can help by fostering a dog or by paying a month of boarding for a dog. You can sponsor until the dog finds a home or for a month or a week anything would help us help more deserving dogs. We want to thank the foster parents or the people sponsoring a dog. We would like to include a picture of your family and dog at the end of the bio of the dog you are helping. We want you to be part of what we do; together we can do so much more.

Westside German Shepherd Rescue adopts to qualified homes out-of-state.

You are Part of the Rescue Process

German Shepherds are an incredible breed, they all share many wonderful qualities.However, there is a wide variation in the breed also, so we want to help make the right match for your family.Some German Shepherds are easy going others high drive, some are couch potatoes others are ready for the marathon, some are mildly watchful of their families others are very protective. To start the adoption process please fill out the application completely and with care. We want to help you make the right match for your family. We only show dogs by appointment because we have dogs different places.
Our adoption fee is a minimum $300 and the money goes back completely to pay for spay or neutering, shots, boarding the dogs and medical treatment if necessary. Most of the dogs are micro-chipped.We board our dogs at veterinary hospitals and even with a discount it is very expensive.It is wonderful for the dogs, we have a staff there if the dogs need anything. When you adopt a dog you are part of the rescue process. We are not selling dogs you are adopting a dog into your family. The donation you give goes back for the dog's care you just adopted and if we are lucky there is a little left to help a more needy dog. We want you to be part of what we are trying to do, you are part of the rescue, you are helping save a life.


Robin's Hannah

About Hannah


There is no Westside GSR without Wonderful Volunteers!
Westside is so lucky to have such giving and loving volunteers who dedicate so much time to saving our dogs. They are always appreciated, but not always praised for all to hear. The dogs and I thank you ... for all to hear!
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Where Do All the Donations Go?

The money from adoption fees and donations goes directly to vets for medical bills. (a recent month's charge card bill was $15,000 for surgeries and treatments) We spend some on bail-outs, a lot on boarding, some on trainers to help hard-to-place dogs or to keep difficult dogs in their homes. Mozart, for instance, had a rare parasite that could only have come from a Pitbull bite. We were helping the new family keep him alive with transfusions. But all our best efforts were not enough to save our wonderful big boy. He will be missed.

We are so appreciative of any help you can give us so we can continue to save our deserving GSD friends.


Westside is committed to saving the lives of German
Shepherds and placing them in qualified homes.


Spay or neuter your pets and please consider rescue as a first adoption source.


Please make it possible for
Westside German Shepherd Rescue
to save more dogs.
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German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles
2721 Wigtown Road
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