Rex is only 12 months old and so unsure of the world. He is a beautiful, classic-looking pure German Shepherd with rich, deep coloring. Rex has a beautiful thick coat and has had good nutrition. He loves other dogs, large and small. He is also fine with cats or any other creature. Rex just wants someone to kiss him on his big beautiful head and say soothing things to him. The minute you stop, his paw comes up gently to touch you, asking for more. We don't think Rex was abused, but he was picked up in a very tough part of Los Angeles. We wish Rex could tell us what happened. Rex enjoys the young male veterinary assistants who take him out for a walk at the vets. He doesn't have issues with anyone, he is just very worried. Rex is going to start attending the Loved Dog Company in West Los Angeles. It is a doggy day care. We think being surrounded by other dogs will be good for him. If you are a loving person with patience, Rex desperately needs you.

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