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Zena von Weingarten

Zena von Weingarten is a beautiful 3 year old classic German Shepherd. Zena's family obviously didn’t know what a treasure of a girl they left behind when they abandoned ship and didn't take her with them, but Westside knew she was no castaway and threw her a life line. Zena is a good sized classic mature beauty with youthful behavior and a playful personality.  She likes to think she is Captain, so it’s probably best that her new owners be experienced Shepherd owners. Once she knows you are her commanding officer, she is easy. She walks really well on the leash. She knows how to sit. She is very smart and learned the "wait" command in just three tries. Although she gets along with her doggie friends at the rescue in their play group, Zena would probably do best in a home as an only dog or with another male dog close to her size. She does try to chase the cats on her walks. We don't yet know how she is with children or small dogs.  She was a very good girl for  her bath.  She is ever so grateful for the slightest attention. Zena is well behaved in the house and is quite content to lie next to you while you work on the computer. She likes to rest her head on the bed and have her ears stroked while you watch TV. She is curious about all you are doing even if you are just  loading the dishwasher. She is friendly to all new people she meets (except the mail carrier). She gets a little excited in new environments, but calms down and adjusts easily once she knows she is safe. She understands that your meal time is not her mealtime -meaning, you can eat in peace with this girl! She spends the night quietly in her crate. She can be resting quietly on her bed then jump up and be ready to go wherever you are going (even if it's only into the next room). A quirky note about Zena: We discovered she likes Trader Joe’s organic applesauce! Won’t you let Zena be your First Mate  and charter new seas with her?


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