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Yukon von Murphy

Yukon von Murphy is a charming 2 year old Malamute.
Per his last family:
Yukon is the friendliest and most loving dog you could ever hope to have. He wags his tail for everyone and leans on them, licks them, and smiles.He's very popular at the dog park; people constantly tell me what a handsome and good-natured dog he is. He's also very playful and curious; he loves to play tug-of-war and chase just about anything, especially other dogs at the park. He's amazing to watch when he runs at full speed, because he's incredibly agile; there should be a doggy Olympics for him. Other things he likes include rolling on his back in a patch of grass, sitting on you and licking your face until you get out of bed, and occasionally howling like a wolf, especially when someone else has his toy. There's always a story to tell about his latest shenanigans. He has lived with a German shepherd for the last six months, and they get along famously; they love to wrestle and taunt each other by hoarding all the toys. If you already have a dog, he will definitely want to be the pack leader; he's naturally dominant. Cats he tends to see as prey. Also, because he's a big sled dog (an Alaskan Malamute), it's in his nature to need a lot of exercise (daily walks) and a big yard to run around in and work off his energy. He also needs a secure fence in the yard.. He's perfect for someone who is very physically active or has a lot of space for him to bounce around.


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