Worthy didn't get what he wanted for Christmas!
One of our volunteers fell in love with a sad looking puppy she saw at the shelter. She took him out to a viewing area and gave him cookies. He was so happy and ran back and forth and put his head in her lap. She noticed that the pup although beautiful had a foreshortened body. We struggled whether we should take him or not. The volunteer went back to see the pup, she brought him cheeseburgers this time, just incase we couldn't take him, at least he would have had a fun moment. The volunteer just couldn't leave this golden pup both inside and out. She named him Worthy and hoped someone would think him worthy of love and a home. Everyone who meets Worthy recognizes his spirit. He has seen several specialists and he has a degenerative bone problem which effects the joints. Intially specialists were hopeful that it was just a bone infection. Right now with Glucosamine and Chondriotin supplements, Worthy has plenty of mobility. We just don't know what the future holds, but we don't want this special boy to spend what time he has in a cement run. Worthy is great with other dogs and is a friendly boy, he is an inspiration to anyone. He is 11 months old and around 50 pounds. Worthy can bring sunshine to anyone's home. We know that he needs someone so special to give him a chance at having what other puppies have, a home and love.


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