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Wolfie von Brent Air

Wolfe von Brent-Air is an adorable 10-month-old coated German Shepherd with a touch of Belgian Shepherd. Wolfie is smaller than a German Shepherd, he is 55 pounds and our vet said he is pretty much through growing. He has a beautiful coat and has a perfect weight for his height. When Wolfie was transported several hours from a shelter to Los Angeles, he got to ride in the back of an SUV with his head on a child's lap. He was so content to just be there and watch cartoons and get some loving. His little companion named him Goose we aren't quite sure why, but it is cute. Wolfie is so good with everyone, he is just a very gentle dog.He met a cat and was fine, he shares his run with another male and they are as happy as can be together. Wolfie is just such a doll.

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