Meet Wolfgang: This stunning 15 month old boy embodies all the desired qualities of a well-bred German Shepherd. He is well-built, athletic, in good health, and weighs about 85 pounds. Wolfie has a ferocious appetite and it would not surprise us if he will mature into a 95 pound dog. Wolfgang also has the ideal German Shepherd personality; he is devoted and very motivated to please, loving and loyal, extremely people oriented, eager to learn, kind to friends but protective of strangers, curious and intelligent,
assertive but not aggressive. He loves children too and will fit into any family situation. This boy is a "Perfect 10" and will turn heads whereever he goes. Wolfie is a dog who Needs to be with his person(s). He is not a "backyard" dog, he must be part of his new family and sleep inside, preferably next to his new owners bed.
Wolfgang has all of his basic obedience training. He sits and lies down at the snap of your finger or command of your voice.He "stays" on command, he heels well on the leash, and he clearly understands and respects the word "no." Wolfie is housetrained, but with any new adoption, should go thru an adjustment period to learn where to relieve himself. Wolfie is young, strong, and has a strong desire to be active. If you are interested in this male you too must be active. . He needs long walks every day, or visits to the dog park to stay healthy and happy. Better yet, this boy is the ideal candidate for Schutzhund or Agility classes. He
would thrive on the challenge.
Wolfgang is dog-social and will be a match to any new companion dog. He might even be ok with cats if properly introduced.
If you are interested in Wolfgang please call Robin or his
foster mom Ava at 805-777-1094. We are asking for a donation of $500.00 which will help other dogs in need.

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