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Wiley von Wiesbaden

Wiley von Wiesbaden is a genuinely sweet 2 1/2 year-old German Shepherd who is happy and playful and loves to explore.  What makes Wiley so wonderful is his unique bond with his little gal pal, Roadie.  The two of them are what you call "BFF's" or Best Friends Forever, so we would love it if the two of them could find a home together.  Wiley and Roadie are like two peas in a pod and when they are together, they feel like they can do anything.  Wiley hasn't told his friend Roadie that she's not a shepherd like he is but he used his "GSD status" to get her into the rescue with him.  He just lets her think she's just like him.  They are both good with other dogs and they are truly as sweet as can be.  The two of them sleep snuggled up together and are good in the crate.  It just warms your heart to see how the two of them love each other so much.  You can literally feel their happiness from a mile away.  This pair is sure to bring laughter and love into your life, so if you're ready, they're waiting!

ROADIE, Wiley's BFF:


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