Victor is a stunning 9 month old purebred German Shepherd. He is a big-boned puppy with lots of growing to do. He has the straighter back with less slope like the German imports. He is so sweet and very attentive. He is fine with other dogs. He has had perfect care and still thinks the world is a wonderful place.
Victor was lost and wandered into a nice neighborhood where he was fed by the neighbors. After several days they thought it best to take him to the animal shelter because they were sure someone would be looking for this pampered-looking baby. Victor waited for 5 days and no one came for him. We were contacted by the shelter about a special dog they wanted us to rescue. The morning Victor was available for adoption our volunteer was there. She had already visited Victor and was so touched by his overtures to her, he kept trying to give her his paw and trying to press his body up against the chain link so she might be able to pet him. He completely won her heart when he rolled over trying to keep her attention Unfortunately, someone else was there too for Victor. As a rescue group we would normally want the public to have the dog. However, while talking to the person, our volunteer found out that Victor would spend his life chained! That did it, the bidding war was on. The volunteer's response was, "not on my life would I let this beautiful loving baby be chained!" She decided to bid as long as it took to save Victor. Every bid our volunteer made, the person bid $1 more, finally at $250 he conceded. We won, Victor won... He is the victor!

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