Valentine was rescued the day before Valentine's day. After a bath, smelling of perfume our special cupid with her fat little tummy, matching collar and leash, made her debut at a gathering of rescue people. As you guessed, everyone wanted to hold Valentine or just to stand back and admire her and try to guess what she was.
She is probably a little German Shepherd mixed with some smaller breeds, maybe boxer. We don't care, we know she is adorable and around 12 weeks old. She was the last of a litter that was left at a shelter. Valentine isn't going to be huge, we guess between 35 and 40 pounds.Her coat is healthy and beautiful; someone took good care of her, or her mother did. Valentine loves other dogs. She hates to be left alone, she needs a person home or a dog. She is very good about coming when called, she walks well on the leash and can keep up with German Shepherds, even though she is pint sized.
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