Tails of Joy

Tug is tall, dark and handsome. He is broad and well built for a two- year-old boy. He has a very thick well-kept coat. His ears are perfect and erect. Tug prances when he walks, but doesn't pull on the leash. We know for sure that Tug wasn't deprived, we just don't know how he ended up in the shelter. We always celebrate our dogs' safe rescue with a double cheeseburger which is usually devoured. Not this prince! Tug would only eat the burger, not the bread and his rescuer had to blow on the pieces to make sure they weren't hot. Only then would he gingerly take the hamburger from her fingers. When Tug arrived at the vet offices where he is being boarded, he greeted the vet and all the staff and was even quick to make friends with the resident cat. Tug has obviously ridden in a car before and settles right down. We don't know Tug's original name, but the volunteer who saw him in the shelter said that he "tugged" at her heart strings. He tried to reach his paw under the chain link door to reach out to her. Then when he couldn't, he rolled on his back to see if she would like to give him a tummy rub. That did it!
What a smart dog!

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