Thatcher von Weisz

Thatcher von Weisz is a high-spirited, affectionate 2 year old German Shepherd mix who works like a dog to show you how much love he's got inside him!  Thatcher has a great face that is so expressive he just makes you want to reach out and kiss him.  He wags his tail when you talk to him, rolls over for belly rubs, and his eyes are focused in on your every move because he wants nothing more than for you to spoil him with tons of attention.  He has a straight back and long legs with a short, neat coat.  Thatcher loves to play with the other dogs in his play group at the kennel but he can get a little overly excited since he's still just a puppy and might take his play time a little too seriously.  Thatcher would do best in a home without small dogs or kids since he can be a bit mouthy when he plays.  He walks great on a leash but he will alert to other dogs walking by because he's hoping they will play with him.  After a basic obedience course, Thatcher will be a top notch dog who will make some lucky person an awesome companion for many years to come.  Come meet Thatcher and see if that lucky person is you!



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