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Sushi is a classic black and tan German Shepherd pup. He was given up by his family because they said they couldn't afford to feed him. Ten-month-old Sushi is like any teen-age boy. The vet techs at the boarding kennel did say that our boy can put away the food. Sushi is tall and will continue to fill out. He has that typical teen-age elongated body . Even thin, he weighs 70 pounds. Sushi is good with other dogs and does not have a dominant personality. He was concerned about a statue of a dog he encountered at the vet office. He was very tentative and was ready at a moments notice to jump back.He would stretch himself forward carefully, so he could sniff without putting himself in danger. Everyone was laughing at our adorable boy. He is active and playful and would love another dog in the family. He would probably be better with older children because he is so playful. Sushi has an especially beautiful face and is a very handsome dog. He has a good temperament and is so sweet.
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