Spikey is an adorable 18-month-old black-and-red German Shepherd. He has the most expressive ears, which go every which way depending on what he is thinking. Spikey is in Albuquerque working with trainer Jaime who enjoys high energy, play-driven characters.
Spikey is the sweetest, most cuddly German Shepherd teen-ager. He is a beautiful, big boy with a perfect coat and an athletic body. Spikey is a loyal and devoted boy who needs a person who is equally
devoted to him.
He follows his foster mom or dad around the house every time they move. He puts his head and paw on their laps when they sit on the couch. He sleeps at the door to the bedroom on his bed and
he's very quiet. If he hears a sound outside at night he will bark, but that's the only time you hear from him unless he sees another dog. He loves a couple of miles of walking in the morning and a little at night. He's eager to chase a ball and always brings it back. He isn't particularly interested in food, but Jaime says he is a good weight.
He barks at horses and tries herd to all moving creatures. Still, he is so amazingly gentle and loving with his person, you wouldn't believe it. Spikey's life has had drastic extremes-he was living in a rough part of Los Angeles, was attacked by a Pitbull and was badly injured so he tends to stress out when he sees other dogs. All his owners did was to dump our wounded boy in the shelter. Fortunately, we got a call from animal control on his last day.
Injured and emaciated Spikey raised his head and walked out of the shelter a free dog and he knew it. A few minutes later as he was gobbling down his second double cheeseburger, he knew life was going to get better. Spikey has been living on an estate in Sante Fe running through snow and enjoying wonderful walks through acres of land. He has had a companion to throw balls and run and romp with him. He has had someone to laugh at his funny puppy antics. However, Spikey needs a place of his own now, the family is coming
back to their home with their dog and Spikey is too afraid to share his space right now. He needs to find a wonderful new home where he will be your special only and forever dog.

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