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Shiloh von Cheviot

Today she is a typical 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy! You just better remember where you left your shoes or you won’t have shoelaces. She loves her toys and chew bones and she loves playing with her foster brother and sister.   Shiloh loves babies; she loves anyone she can smother with kisses. On her daily two mile walk she always meets an old lady who sits on a wall by herself for hours. Shiloh knows she needs some cheering up and is right there to make her laugh; Shiloh leaves her with a smile on her face.  She would make the most amazing therapy dog. After surviving Distemper and Parvo, Shiloh has her own disability.  She was left with some neurological damage, and so, she twitches.  Both Distemper and Parvo are the big dreaded puppy diseases; any dog who had vaccines would not have gotten either and tragically, Shiloh came from an area with lots of breeders who are short on standard puppy care. Shiloh has 100% quality now and doesn’t know she is any different from any other puppy. Actually, Shiloh has some extra gifts; there is something so special about her. She lived for 5 weeks basically on an IV and plasma; her system couldn’t keep anything down.  A dedicated vet staff and her foster mom kept her going.  No one was willing to stop treatment; she looked so gratefully at everyone that when her eyes would meet yours you just knew you had to keep on trying harder. Shiloh has a special empathy, as she is very connected to people and she knows many people helped save her life. We are finally at the point in time which everyone worked so hard for.  It is now time for Shiloh to find her forever home. We know she will have a wonderful life, something we were afraid to dream of for so long. Now we just need to find the right home for her. She needs other dogs; kids are great but not necessary. She isn’t used to being home alone all day, so someone needs to be home at least part of the day. She lives for her 2 mile walk everyday and she needs her toys and chew bones. She is not a good eater and needs someone patient with her eating habits who will monitor if she eats enough. Shiloh is housebroken and crate trained. She sleeps in a wire crate with a big soft featherbed next to her foster parents' bed. She is out by 11:00 and wakes up at 7:30 without a peep. Shiloh is super smart and just picks up things. She learned to sit on command just from watching the other dogs in the foster family. She is an amazing and beautiful puppy with so much to look forward to!


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