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Sheila von Shoenberg

Sheila von Shoenberg is a cheerfully sweet 12-month-old German Shepherd with a personality that’s out of sight!  Sheila is a happy girl who loves to play with other dogs.  She came from a multi-dog household of both small and large dogs, so she’s about as dog friendly as they come.  You need a cat friendly dog too?  Well, look no further!  Sheila offers her friendship up to both canines and felines alike.  She doesn’t care if you have two legs or four, she is happy to call you her friend.  We think Sheila is a fan of that Smackdown wrestling show on TV because she loves to rough house when she plays.  She’s probably got moves you’ve never seen before!  But just because she likes to play rough doesn’t mean she’s not as lovable as can be, because she is definitely a friendly girl with an all-around great temperament.  Meeting her is something that should be on your next “to-do” list!


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