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Shannon von Schlosser

Shannon von Schlosser is a sweet 18-month-old German Shepherd who brings that happy feeling of radiant sunshine wherever she goes.  In fact, you can just call her your "LOL Dog" which stands for "Love Out Loud" because that's exactly what she does.  Ready? Aim! Belly Flop!  That pretty much sums up her strategy of attack as she falls to your feet ready for a scratch or two... or three, or four!  But now that we've forewarned you about her overzealous desire for tummy scratches we can also mention her compulsive need to hug you and squander kisses from you.  We don't think we've ever seen a happier dog... EVER!  Although she does well with other dogs, she's definitely what you'd call a "people dog."  Shannon sits for a treat but that's not really what she's after, because honestly, if you haven't caught on yet, all she wants is YOU!  This dog is looking for someone to center her universe around.  She's so sweet she'll give your kids cavities!  There's not much more to say here besides, get down here fast if you want the sweetest dog in the world because she's going home with someone in a hurry, even if one of our volunteers manage to sneak her home!



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