Shane (aka Wilhoit)
Tails of Joy

Shane is tall, dark and so handsome! He has a thick and resplendent coat which feels like velvet. Our four-year-old boy prances when he walks. He knows he is a good-looking guy. He is very outgoing and does very well with meeting new people. He doesn't pull on the leash and is very responsive when you want his attention. When we sat on a park bench , he climbed up right next to us, which was surprisingly agile for such a big boy. We think cats and little dogs would not be good, a medium-to-large size female would be fine. Shane was so unhappy at the animal shelter they had planned to put him down that evening. Even though we have him in another boarding situation, he seems to know the difference and has been very cheerful. The big handsome, tough-looking guy is really a sensitive boy.
We can't wait until he goes home with you!
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