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Sebastian von Sonntag

Sebastian von Sonntag is a classic looking 5 year old German Shepherd. We have people asking for German Shepherds with a 100 pound frame, we don’t get many but Sebastian is certainly one. He is very German in his conformation with the heavier face and straighter back. After having Sebastian for 5 years his owners gave him up because he was too big. Sebastian is a lucky boy because sometimes he goes home with one of the guys who comes to work with the dogs. Sebastian can’t wait to climb in the truck, right next to his buddy and go home. He is housebroken and obviously used to being part of a family. He gets along with an assortment of other dogs and personalities in the home. He likes to follow his foster mom around and sleep by her feet or better yet hang out with his foster dad working with power tools in the garage. The noise doesn’t bother him in the slightest.  No cats for Sebastian or small dogs, however. He is strong and pulls on the leash, but he is so sweet and devoted. He has a huge bark and sounds ferocious, but he is kind and such a good boy.  Sebastian has had training, he responds right away to his commands and hand signals. He needs a strong owner, but then he will be a piece of cake



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