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Samuel von Sonnenschein

Samuel von Sonnenchein is a lovable 3-year-old German Shepherd with a happy, laid back approach to life.  Samuel is an extremely special dog, especially to the people who seem to have loved him in the short time they knew him.  It’s not often that a dog gets “mugged” by a shelter employee upon leaving the shelter, but Samuel just has that affect on people.  Samuel had the guy running through the parking lot once he realized he had been saved, so that he could give him goodbye hugs and kisses.  And once you meet Samuel, you’ll know exactly what we mean by that.  He’s got a soft, gentleness to him that lets him wag his way into your heart when you least expect it.  Samuel was in a foster with other shepherds and he fit in so well it was as if he had been a part of the family for years.  He has good house manners, takes his cues from the other dogs quickly, and just seems to “get it” from the get go.  He even enjoys his crate and rides well in the car.  So we’re sure he’ll fit in to a new home in record time.  Samuel does like being part of a pack, either human or dog, so he’d do best with a canine friend or someone who works from home.  He’s a great “family dog” who is going to make someone beyond happy!

This is me taking a bath ... do I look thrilled?


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