How did this happen to a beautiful 8-month-old puppy like Sabrina? She had been living under wrecked cars in an auto-repair shop. Her young body was covered with motor oil and her skin was raw from mites. Animal control had been called to pick up the dog. Someone had to have see how tortured she was from the Demodectic mange which was ravaging her body. Her wounds were deep and raw.

Once at the shelter they knew no one would come looking for her, so she wasn't even going to be held the normal 5 days. Sabrina's card was already signed off; she was to be euthanized that night.
Fortunately, our volunteer Barbara, happened to walk by her run and there in the back she saw a beautiful but pathetic dog.

We feel so lucky that we have been given the chance to make up to Sabrina for what was done to her, or not done for her. After leaving the shelter, we stopped to get her our usual celebratory double cheeseburger, marking the beginning of her new life. Sabrina was so ravenous, she was literally starving. We took Sabrina directly to Dr. Pasternak who treats both with conventional medicine and also uses a holistic approach. The holistic approach is intended to help boost her immune system. Sabrina knew everyone was there to help her. Once in the bath tub, she was starting to feel better. We think we saw a trace of a smile. If you would like to make a donation towards Sabrina's care please click on the DONATE button below.
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